Readers voice: Feb. 28, 2014

Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email governor and Legislature at work: Teachers who work nine months are scheduled for a $1,000 raise, but the state employees who work twelve months are only offered a $500 annual raise. I think state workers should go on a slow down or strike and see how long our elected officials and the people would exist and be able to function.Does anyone have any doubts that the decision to close the three daycares in Kanawha County is not retaliation against the voters for failure of the recent excess levy vote? Typical action by the board.Call me a conspiracy nut if you wish, but I really believe that George W. Bush was complicit in allowing the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11 in order to provide a basis for the invasion of Iraq and to further other plans of him and the neocons.The stampede to wipe out traditional values that have served this nation well for centuries continues. The blatant attempts to force acceptance of these 'new and progressive' values by those who find them abhorrent will hasten the day of the Second American Revolution.Mainstream news spent more time discussing Hollywood gossip and sports than Obama's plan to all but dismantle our military. Our country is being destroyed by its own government and nobody is noticing.Of course Fox News never apologizes when they are proven wrong. They know if you keep telling the lie over and over, people of limited intelligence and reasoning powers will believe it. And apparently many do.
The person who keeps saying Bush ignored warnings before 9/11 is a perfect example of how people read and repeat headlines but are too lazy to read entire story to get the facts.The Israeli air force recently bombed a target inside Lebanon. This is an act of war. How would the U.S. respond to another nation dropping bombs inside the U.S.? Will anyone be surprised when Lebanon retaliates?Is Gov. Tomlin really concerned about the people of West Virginia and their right to have safe, clean water in the future? Seems to me, if he was, he would have let the citizens help craft the new safety regulations bill, and not coal and chemical company lobbyists and industry lawyers.Remember when you could identify a heater control by the word heater, and likewise for air vents, defrosters etc. on a new car? Why in the world then would auto manufacturers go to tiny symbols which we cannot identify without an exhaustive search in the manual? Consider that they are doing this when many drivers still do not know how to use a directional signal.Where do people get off, thinking that the repair crews can be on the Marmet water break site fixing the leak before they get their phones hung up? It takes time to call people together, load equipment and material, check the maps to see where the line location is, what pipe size is, etc., and move to the site. Why the worry for water damage to the property? The water from rain is in their yards, too. Maybe they are still just griping because of this water crisis.The involuntary forced drinking of polluted water of a system that has not been fully purged is like living in Chernobyl.Why are school service employees always treated equal to teachers on wage increases? They should get the same as other state employees get and no more.How ignorant and backwards and holier than thou does the West Virginia Legislature think they are? My God, no one has the right to tell any human being what to do with their body.
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