Capitol Club campaign grows to $1,101,057.03

By Staff reports
United Way of Central West Virginia has a community campaign goal for 2013-2014 of $2.2 million dollars. Workplace campaigns and individual donations are crucial in reaching this goal. Currently, the campaign total stands at $1,890,209.07. The Capitol Club leadership givers listed below account for $1,101,057.03 of the total raised to date.Alexis de Tocqueville Society, with a gift of at least $50,000: Jacobson Foundation, Daywood Foundation.Alexis de Tocqueville Society, with a gift of at least $25,000: Gaines Wehrle.Alexis de Tocqueville Society, with a gift of at least $10,000: W. Marston and Katharine B. Becker, *Dwight A. Foley, *David and Sandra Thomas, William Maxwell Davis, Jane and John Ray, *Herk and Sherry Sims, Mr. and Mrs. L. Newton Thomas, Jr., D. Stephen and Diane H. Walker, Jed and Vicki Smith, Alex and Sue Parsons, *Holmes and Antoinette Morrison, Betty Schoenbaum, Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Wehrle Jr., Michael H. Wehrle, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Avampato, Pat and Jessica Graney, *Thom and Millie Marshall, *Elizabeth and H.B. Wehrle Foundation, John and Fonda Elliot, H.B. and Cecilia Wehrle III.Ambassadors, with a gift of at least $7,500: One anonymous donor.Governors, with a gift of at least $5,000: *John M. and Victoria W. Ballengee, Dr. John T. Chambers, Troy and Charlotte Stallard, Steve and Laura Wehrle, Frank and Camilla Baer III, Jeffrey LaFleur, Lee and Donna Edmondson, John and LuAnn Adams, *Sharon and William Flannery, Mr. and Mrs. John F. McGee, Mark A.T. Williams, JoEllen Diehl Yeary, Martha Gaines and Russell Wehrle Memorial Foundation, Charles and Samantha Hageboeck, *Herscher Foundation, Nina Peyton, Barbara and Brawley Tracy, Matt Lauer, Raye and Paul White.Chief Justices, with a gift of at least $3,600: Jay and Simone Thomas, Becky and Andrew Jordon, Richard and Marion Sinclair, *Gary R. and Eunice Beckett, John Eubanks, Charles Patton, *Jeff and Nancy Schweer, James and Phyllis Arnold, *Stephen and Tricia Dexter, Rebecca Betts, Christopher Callas and Elizabeth Amandus, *Mark Clark & Kim Lovinski, John and Faye Griffin, *Nikki Gray, one anonymous donor.
Justices, with a gift of at least $2,400: *Bobby Blakely, John Finlayson, Rob and Jackie Berthold, Vann and Anne Carroll, Sally and Don Richardson, Steve and Anne Roberts, David and Lisa Sayre, Dr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Taylor, Judge and Mrs. John T. Copenhaver Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Goldsmith Sr., Angus M. Peyton, Calvert and Ted Armbrecht, *Rick Lehman, *David Flannery and Kathy Beckett, Robert L. Keenan, *William B. Maxwell, Philip Wright, Charles T. and Mary Ellen Jones, *LCM and DCM, *Robert and Kathleen Gastinger, *Gretchen Callas, *Nelle R. Chilton, Horace and Sally Emery, *Tim and Cheryl Quinlan, Roy Sexton, *Craig and Kim Stilwel, Gary R. Cassier, *Sean and Dawn Devlin, Don R. and Sheryl Sensabaugh, three anonymous donors.Senate Presidents, with a gift of at least $1,800: Arthur and Nancy Altman, *Frederick and Mary Jo Armbrust, Warren and Betty Woomer, Dana and Kathy Buckley, Bill and Judy Pugh, *Betty Anne Smith, Mrs. Marion H. Baer, Timothy M. and Anne W. Miller, Joe and Faye Guilfoile, Nancy and George Guthrie, Bob and Susie Orders, *Florian and Axson Ceperley, *Jason and Emily Jeffrey, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kleeman, *Jeff and Carrie Swing, *Rob and Erica King, *Ralph and Elizabeth LaDow, Gray and Karen Cochran, Amy and Steve Condaras, Jim and Betsy Crockett, John and Connie DeRito, *Anne and Jack Dever, Michael and Margaret Graney, *Rahul Gupta, *Pamela Tarr and Gary W. Hart, Robert G. and Lenore R. Tweel, Andrew M. Altman, Chris and Stefanie Reger, Jerry and Amanda Ware, Steve and Sharon Rubin, Thomas V. and Paula W. Flaherty, three anonymous donors.Senators, with a gift of at least $1,300: *Frank and Cindy DeChiazza, Laura D. Ellis, *Joseph and Karen Freedman, *Robert P. and Phyllis K. Howell, *Danny and Jeri Matheney, K. Douglas and Nancy D. Reed, Dell and Joan Binford, *Shelley Moore Capito and Charles Capito, Otto and Dottie Drescher, William R. and Sharon Hall, Clifford and Barbara Lantz, *Callen McJunkin, Dr. and Mrs. James T. Smith, *Kenneth and Jane Wright, John and Pam Kuyk, David and Sandy Campbell, *Andrew Barham, *Franklin Chambers, Mark Dempsey, Rick and Wendy Rubin, *Lisa and Chris Turley, John Ziebold, *Bryan and Cindi Cokeley, Kate and Randy Fife, *Rod and Ronda Moore, Christopher and Elizabeth Power, *Terry and Amy Ricketts, *John Rogers, Reed and Darlene Spangler, *Andy and Margo Teeter, *Becky and Jay Goldman, *Lisa Hall, Mr. and Mrs. David Barnette, Joshua Barrett, *Madan and Anand Bhasin, David and Sheila Bumgarner, *Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Emch, *Samme L. Gee, *Thomas and Julia Hurney, *John and Sharon Long, John and Kathleen Merrill, Mr. and Mrs. William Payne, Ken and Cyndi Tawney, *Michael and Sue Willmore, Julie and Alex Alston, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fenton, Albert C. Liu, Debra A. Rader, David M. Romanko, Pamela K. Starkey, James L. Swecker II, *Janice Amspoker, *Tom and Jennifer Clark, J. Tyler and Mimi Dinsmore, two anonymous donors.Speakers of the House, with a gift of at least $1,000: Elizabeth Early Chilton, *Cindy and Bob Crossan, *Kent and Marie Hall, *David Helmer, *Lisa Hudnall, *Brian and Sharon Lake, Erica Shalhoup Paterno, *Sami Ghareeb, Tim and Chris Gibbons, Tom Lane, Sally and Charlie Love, William H. McKee Jr., Joe and Cathy Rice, Tim and Paula McLean, *Alan and Carol Bragg, Jeff Carpenter, Stan and Jan Johnson, Allan and Debbie McVey, *Robert E. and Jennifer L. Metz, *Jeremy Nelson, Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV, *Drs. Chandrani and Ganpat Thakker, Michael and Donna Jarrell, Cheryl L. Davis, John David Gocke, Skip and Joanne Harless, Laurie Knox, Paul and Susie Konstanty, Jay and Julie Margolis, *Cindy and Tim McGhee, Steven and Judith McGowan, Mary Ellen and Harry Moore, Ike and Stuart Smith, Gary and Kathi Swingle, *William Walko, *David and Donna Houchins, James O'Connor, *Rick and Tina Slater, James W. and Cathy B. Sutherland, Shawn Daly, Mrs. Frederica M. Davis, James Griffith, *James S. Hill, David Klotz, Britt and Judy McJunkin, Jon Miller, *Michael J. Romeo, Rob J. Aliff, Jessica Alsop, *Michael and Elizabeth Cimino, *Mr. and Mrs. Davis, Martha and Rudy DiTrapano, *William F. Dobbs, *Valerie R. Ellis, Michael and Kimberly Foster, Dr. Jamal Khan, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey E.S. Kuhns II, *Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Loeb Jr., *Chris and Karrie Mattox, *Jon Phillips, *Kevin D. Roy and Family, Amy and David Shapiro, Blair and Sandy Thrush, Rebecca and Tom Tinder, *Allyn Turner and Mark Tool, Charles Wirts, *Sam and Marsha Brock, *Shawn P. and Virginia G. George, Michael B. Brumley, Lloyd M. Burgess, Robert Burns, Michael R. Greene, Jason H. Johns, Tyler J. London, Timothy B. O'Neal, Brian K. Pauley, Jonathon M. Raess, Richard B. Thomas, *Zachary and Amanda Wines, *Randall and Lisa Norman, Michael and Linda Bonasso, Chris and Christina Brumley, Sam and Christine H. Fox, John D. and Ellen Maxwell-Hoffman, Edward C. and Julie S. Martin, Frances M. Rollins, Jeffrey and Janet I. Wakefield, 13 anonymous donors.Delegates, with a gift of at least $700: Madan and Anand Bhasin, *John T. Burke, Fred and Carolyn Carte, *Marty and Kim Good, *Mendi Harkins, *Paul L. and Connie Hill, *Mike and Lisa Holtsclaw, *Karen Rhinehart, *Terry and Anne Stone, Joe and Betty Beeson, *Dr. and Mrs. Marshall Carper, Andrew R. Ceperley, Uma and Palle Reddy, Thomas A. Heywood and Melody A. Simpson, *Bob and Ruth Tinney, George and Sue Zaldivar, *Ellen Kay and Vic Bastron, Dr. Tony Majestro, *Ujjal and Sukhbinder Sandhu, Michael D. and Brenda R. Williams, Betsi Brooks, Steven Ferguson, Dan and Kathy Foster, *Dennis L. Green, *Mike Lilly, *Charles Ramey Jr., Bill and Lura Watkins, R.G. and B.D., Dr. Kanoj Biswas, Kathryn W. Burgess, *Robert L. Dawson, *Ventrue Means, *Kelly Merritt, Tiffany M. Arbaugh, Nancy and Mike Chaney, Tacy and Chap Donovan, *Justin Fisher, *Joseph U. Leonoro, Nancy Morris and Frank Hosimer, Robert Pollitt, Art and Janice Standish, Joanna Tabit, Adrienne Worthy, *Will and Linda Bobinger, Bill and Jean Crum, *Fred and Teresa Dillon, *James Harris, *Thomas A. Keefer, Tom and Becky Montgomery, Andrew Paterno, *Richard and Bridget Shaffer, Joe Sharp, *Mr. and Mrs. James Wilkinson, David and Cynthia Barnette, *Sandra Hawkins, Mihaya Hayamizu, Matt and Valicia Leary, *Ernie Spry, Yoji Suzuki, *Brian Ulery, Jon L. Anderson, Elton Bond, *Robert J. and Sara J. Busse, *Ellen Cappellanti and Mark Carbone, *Tim and Beth Cowan, *Brad and Sally Crouser, *Charles and Deborah Dunbar, *W. Scott Evans, Victoria A. and Wylie M. Faw, *Michael M. Fisher, *Robert Fluharty, Blair M. Gardner, *Michael S. Harvey, *Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Huffman, *Dr. Samuel L. King II, *Beth and Jim Lord, Erin Magee, Chris Martin, *Jill McIntyre, *Bob McLusky and Debbie Sink, *Susie and Phil Melick, *Bill and Beverly Morrelles, James Myers, *Matthew Nelson, *Gregory Rader, *Melissa M. Robinson, *Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Sebok, *James R. Snyder, *Mr. and Mrs. Louis S. Southworth II, *Daniel L. Stickler, *Brian R. Swiger, *Samson Tesfaselassie, *James W. Thomas, Michael B. and Janet H. Victorson, *Roger A. Wolfe, *Rusty and Michelle Wooton, Chad DiCocco, *Nicolas and Layne Diehl, Bob and Kelly Gray, Todd Hooker, Ellen Linger, *Kim McHenry, *Colleen O'Neill, Denis K. Reeser, Cloid R. Smith III, *Andrew Waggener, Jim Withers, *Claudia D. Benton, Erica M. Baumgras and Howard M. Persinger III, *Timothy G. Biltz, Melea and Will Brotherton, Robert L. and Suzanne Coffield, Andrew and Marjorie Cooke, William J. Cooper, Michele Grinberg and Jim K. Withrow, *Will Hanna and Luci Wellborn, Richard D. and Sharon K. Jones, Mark Robinson, Janet Buckley, 14 anonymous donors.Congressional Society, with a gift of at least $500: Mark Bias, *Sheila Brisendine, *Dontay Brown, *Michelle Cavendish, *Terri Dodrill, Ian C. Flores, Terence M. Johnson, Elizabeth Keightley, *Roy N. Martin, *David and Pam McFarland, *Anitra Morgan, Marshall and Debra Murphy, *John and Lindsay Pack, Kimeca L. Pratt, *Carey Racer, Lisa Seabolt, *Kelsey Simmons, Beth Spradling, Tamela Trump, *Janet VanClief, Mary Ann Walker, Randy and Judy Foxx, Roy and Sheila Holstein, Lou and Mary Gene Kapicak, *Ronald S. Kirk, Jim and Doris Smith, *Erik Engle, Alice and Tim Ruhnke, *Roger Carte, *Karen Dennison, Sonya Haynes, Marlo Long, *John Musilli, *Lynn Sizemore, *Jill E. Todd, Sam R. Uppala, Drs. Purushottam L. Verma and Sarojni D. Verma, *David Vosler, Leslie J. Anderson, *Misty L. Heldreth, Jim and Ann Nelson, Roger O'Dell, Marie Prezioso, *Norman W. Shumate III, *Rodney and Angie Wright, Armando and Marcy Benincasa, Charles Boggs, *Terry Broughton, *Jeff Crist, Michael Davis, Jan L. Fox, Jim Garvin and Anita Casey, Eric Gillespie, *Russell Jessee, *Bobby Johnson, Michael McClellan, Michael and Christi Mullins, Todd Petrusek, R.E. Schindler, John and Debbie Watson, Patricia Holmes White, *David and LaDonna Yaussy, *James Ball, Allison and Ken Ballard, *Harlan Barker, *Zachary M. Boyko, Helen Brown, Walter and Sallye Clark, Chris Gautier, *Jack and Doris Goldfarb, *Matthew Jackson, Jerri and John Kee, *Gary Keller, *Michael W. Milam, Megan Reehling, Holly Ritter, Larry and Sheree Robertson, Bob and Janet Simpson, *Judith Stanton, Lynn Thompson, *David Whitman, *Rita Woodall, Rebecca Brannon, *Steve and Kelli Brown, Charles O. Covert, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Crawford Jr., David and Renee Cross, *Brian Day, *Patricia Dilley, Joel L. Easterling, *Ed and Brenda Grant, Mary Jo Hendricks, *Norman Humphreys, Virginia Point Kauffelt, Timothy L. Keeling, *Terry Lawson, Tim McDaniel, *Ralph D. Miller, *Bryan Moore, *Darrell L. Morris, *D.J. Patrick, *Perry Perry, David A. Raney, *Doug Shields, *Henry L. Smith, *Jerald Thornton, W. Warren Upton, Mark Wilson, *Sandra Young, *Andrew and Susan Young, Rich and Debra Zirbel, Jeff and Noaka Bishop, Greg W. Clutter, *Keith Coffindaffer, Joseph H. Deacon II, *Dr. Ronald S. Eisinger, Robyn and Gene Estel, Frank Fazzolari, *Shannon Gooden, *Guy Johnston, Eric Kinder, Tim and Lisa Krisher, *Adam and Brienne Marco, Harry Mitchell, Steve and Diana Morris, Brace Mullett, Robin Musick, Nicole Myers, *Charles M. Pleska, *Michael Reed, Brenda Robertson, Laura Robertson, Jason and Kim Rogers, *Scott Sides, Ted and Barbara Toler, Betsy Wright, Rod Blackstone, Victoria Broce, Valerie C. Cowley, *Derek and Lisa Godwin, *Peter S. White, Mike and Laura Lee Albert, *Derek Barker, *Telly Barreta, *Robert Berthold III, Matt Bischof, Laura and Bryan Cooper, David J. Cushing, *Allison Geris, Christopher A. Griffith, *Pam Keatley, Matthew J. Klug, Robert K. Mize, *Philip A. Moye, Wendy M. Nelson, Lisa M. Paddock, Frederick A. Petrella, Kevin F. Reehling, Robert N. Reib, Neal D. Secrist, Leighann Smigielski, Andrew P. Smith, *Rodney Smith, Iris J. Songer, Megan Tarbett, Brett Webster, *Sara E. Withrow, Daniel Zavora, *Ralph T. Davey, *Deborah A. Haynes, *Pamela J. Saltsgaver, *Steven F. Sneed, *Jerome H. Wall, * John and Donna Brannon, Sam and Linda Kay Cipoletti, Tammy R. and Shane Harvey,  Amy and John Humphreys, Timothy and Jennifer Mayo, Dr. *Francis Saldanha, Salem and Kim Smith, Nate K. and Amy J. Tawney, Sandra Jenkins, Brent Burton, Kathryn Simmons, 50 anonymous donors.Note: * denotes increased pledge
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