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Richard C. Lamb: It's hard to love a Pharisee

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Driving by a wooded area recently, I saw vines throttling the very life out of the trees. I began to hum:                    "Let there be peace in the viney woods;                    "Let there be peace in the valley today."It's hard to love a Pharisee, people so steeped in religious law that they exalted themselves. In Jesus' day, they throttled the very life of people who struggled just to live (Matthew 23).Pharisees can be found in every area of life: business, religion, government, education, the social life. It's hard to love a "know it all" who looks down his or her considerably long nose at others. Bullies are found in many areas of life, not just in school!
I'm so glad the elections are over. Think of the little ears that took it all in! An ethics committee would do well to come to life with good guidelines that approach "loving your neighbor as yourself." We live in the light of majestic national thought, i.e. responsible freedom and a strongly placed value on human life. The way some "trash it up" at election time, throwing everything at opponents but the kitchen sink, moves one to wonder if they have ever been potty trained!One appreciates the good efforts that many made during the recent storms. But there is an outage in human kindness that needs the attention of everyone. I am grateful for many things, but there is an honest "however" that I can scarcely ignore.We all live in the presence of great communications. The best is that God's Son humbled himself to death for our sakes, yes, and for the Pharisees, too.That's amazing! Thought provoking! Challenging! Uplifting!Dr. Lamb is parish associate at First Presbyterian Church, Charleston.
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