Dr. Richard C. Lamb: Come Summer! Come Winter!

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Come summer or winter, I usually thumbed home from college on the holidays. You had to get the right thumb out there to get a ride. Occasionally I hitched a ride with another college student who had a car. I never felt poor for thumbing a ride home, for, you see, I was going toward the warmth of loving acceptance. Nothing like a lift!I still have my thumb out there in prayer.Hey, Winter's Child! You know a lot about the cold, adverse winds that can envelop heart and mind, and no matter how hard you try to get on the plus side of life, it's a struggle. You also know how comforting every small kindness can be, and how it can stay with you for a long time. You have an understanding, strength and a vision that many do not possess. You know how little it takes to lift the heart. You also know the saying, "It is in giving that we receive," and that isn't easy to entertain at times. Someone out there needs a lift, Winter's Child!Hey, Summer's Child! You have had a good run in life. Family and friends were able to pave the way for you, helping you reach desired destinations. Your education, your monetary support, and so much more gave you a lot of encouragement. You have a good measure of confidence and security. You know what it is to have "good breaks!"
Hey, Summer's Child! Invest in life -- real, honest-to-goodness life. Give someone a lift out there! Helping others will make you richer than you are. No thumbs down, please.There is one who came into our lives, God's son. He came in human flesh. He gave us a tremendous lift.He gave his life for us, became poor that we might become rich. It's not what we have, but who we are in relationships that's of prime importance. Isn't that right?Hey, Winter's Child! Hey, Summer's Child! Hey, Children of Promise! Someone out there needs a lift! Dr. Lamb is parish associate at First Presbyterian Church, Charleston.
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