CAMC finishes private postpartum room renovation

By Candace Nelson
CAMC Women and Children's Hospital is celebrating its 25th anniversary by announcing the completion of its newly renovated private rooms for families having babies.After 18-plus months of actual construction, Charleston Area Medical Center has converted all of its multiple-occupancy postpartum rooms to 31 private postpartum rooms."It's been a long time coming . . . Needless to say, it's been a challenge to undergo the renovation process and still maintain operation and deliver patient care," said Andrew Weber, vice president and administrator at Women and Children's Hospital.Renovations were completed room by room, as patients still required the spaces. The private rooms now eliminate multiple-occupancy spaces, which included having two mothers in rooms after delivery."The opening of the private rooms means the hospital now can offer an environment that meets the needs of the patients and community and that compliments the exceptional care that the patients receive at Women and Children's Hospital," the hospital stated in a news release."During renovations, each room has undergone a complete transformation with warm finishes, soothing colors, flat screen TVs and new private bathrooms and showers. The common areas have also received a new look with finishes, colors and lighting to complement the patient rooms."With all rooms now being exclusively one-family, Weber said this addition is beneficial to Charleston."It's a huge asset to the community. We're the state's only freestanding children's hospital. We deliver more babies than anybody else in the state. Amongst those babies, we take care of the sickest and most vulnerable ones. This is adding to our already highest level of care," Weber said.
"The comfort of private rooms and just having that healing environment is of tremendous value to the patients, the physicians, the staff and the community."The move is part of a national trend to make the experience of having a baby more pleasant, said CAMC spokesman Dale Witte.The private rooms aim to promote a comforting environment after the birthing experience."We understand the obstetrical population has an expectation of physical comfort in their birthing experience, and we're really proud and excited about the fact that now we can offer them every aspect of the ideal birth experience there is to offer from the absolute highest level of clinical care to the most comfortable environment," Weber said.An open house will be held at 11 a.m. today at Women and Children's Hospital for doctors and local media.Thomas Memorial Hospital opened 19 private patient rooms in 2010.Contact writer Candace Nelson at or 304-348-5148. Follow her at

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