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Recyclables are piling up at Slack Street center

Bob Wojcieszak
Slack Street Recycling Center employees Beverly Hobbs and Susie Butler sort through the abundance of glass and other recycled materials that are piling up at the recycling facility. Bob Wojcieszak/Daily Mail
The owner of West Virginia Recycling Services says he might reduce operating hours to keep up with the amount of recycling material left on the site by the public after issues have arisen over the tidiness of the site.George Hunyadi, the owner of the Slack Street business, told members of the Kanawha County Solid Waste Authority board he believes closing the facility to drop-offs overnight will help reduce the mountains of recyclables that pile up on the property.The facility has been open for drop offs 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the last few months."I think the 24 hour drop site was a good idea, but when it comes to execution and implementation, not so much," he said.Hunyadi said members of the public have begun simply dropping recyclables on the ground instead of into the bins, particularly with glass and plastic."If bags are left (on the ground), it's like the loaves and the fishes," he said.Hunyadi said on Monday, for example, he found piles of glass deposited by the public on the ground, when two of the roll-off bins for glass weren't even full."Glass was a disaster," he said.And that's not the only problem - electronic waste is another issue. Hunyadi said he's seen members of the public smash televisions in the early morning hours, and an unidentified local business has dumped several truckloads of televisions on the site over the past few months."The biggest issue I have is all the nighttime stuff," he said.
In general, Mondays tend to be the worst for recyclables strewn about the property, Hunyadi said. Because of the mess, between five and eight workers spend the morning trying to clean up the property.Hunyadi acknowledged the need to "police" the area better."At the end of the day, it's my fault," he said.Hunyadi said he is considering reducing operating hours at West Virginia Recycling Services from 24 hours to 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., with reduced hours on weekends. He is also looking into topping the existing fence with barbed wire.Authority board member Kay Summers suggested Hunyadi should also place signs or something similar directing the public as to how they should use the facility.
"I think you need to educate your customers on what you want them to do," she said.While West Virginia Recycling Services is a private business, the Kanawha County Solid Waste Authority leases the Slack Street property to the recycling company and receives a percentage of income generated at the facility.Hunyadi said he is in discussion with a concrete manufacturer to resurface the lot at Slack Street to eliminate potholes, but can't do so until the concrete plant opens next month.Authority Chairman Rod Watkins said he wanted Authority Director James Young to meet with Hunyadi to examine other potential improvements to the site."If there's something we can do that's ... a permanent improvement to that property, I think we should explore those upgrades," he said. "We need to do something to that site that makes people feel comfortable going there."
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