June 11, 2011
On file: June 3-10, 2011


The following people applied for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between June 3 and 10:

Timothy Joseph Snead II, 28, and Tracie Renee White, 27, both of Charleston.

James Norris Workman II, 46, of Beckley, and Danielle Marie Johnson, 34, of St. Albans.

Marvin Elvin Ferrell, 80, and Judy Kay Cales, 68, both of South Charleston.

Brian Edward Holstein, 21, and Kristin Michelle Helvey, 21, both of Belle.

Justin Miguel Ferrell, 28, of Charleston and Whitney Nicole Lewis, 22, of Sissonville.

Jonathan Wayne Price, 41, and Lauren Brooke Winter, 29, both of Charleston.

Jeremy Blaine Sigmon, 27, and Jessica Ann Foster, 21, both of South Charleston.

Charles Henry Pezant II, 30, and Chasity Marie Turner, 32, both of Charleston

Arthur Daniel Slater, 50, and Heather Dawn Kincaid, 18, both of South Charleston.

David Christopher Hays, 27, and Crystal Dawn Parsons, 21, both of Nitro.

Gregory Stephen Kirby, 42, of St. Albans, and Kelly Lane Hively, 35, of Nitro.

Suliman Mashaan Alqahtani, 24, and Felicia Gail Ellis, 46, both of Dunbar.

William Klaniff Nichols, 40, and Angelia Faye Mitchell, 51, both of Charleston.

Jeffrey Glen Hurley, 36, and Jennifer Dawn Ross, 35, both of Charleston.

Kevin Michael Goff, 21, and Andrea Dawn Friend, 21, both of Charleston.

Richard Audrey McVey, 84, and Carolyn Kay Ellis, 70, both of Elkview.

Charles Alexander Riffee, 25, of St. Albans, and Yinghao Long, 24, of Charleston.

Brent Alan Marion, 36, and Peggy Lee Gunter, 37, both of Cross Lanes.

Paul Allen Cozart, 42, and Meredith Elaine Moore, 33, both of Cabin Creek.

Jason Reshard Hearns, 32, and Sandra Kay Wentz, 30, both of Charleston.

Kenji Ueda, 28, of Huntington, and Jessica Darlene Sigman, 23, of South Charleston.

Ryan Alexander Turner, 26, and Leah Marie Wilson, 26, both of Charleston.

Michael Allen Warwick, 52, of South Charleston, and Sandra Elizabeth Elkins, 49, of St. Albans.

Justin Lee Gibson, 30, of St. Albans, and Kelly Marie Blankenship, 27, of Scott Depot.

Joshua Dayton Burdette, 29, of Mantua, Ohio, and Christy Dawn Hanshaw, 26, of Bomont.

Casey Melville Severs, 29, of Harrisonburg, Va., and Sarah Kieley Sporck, 27, of Charleston.

Lowell Ray Warden III, 28, and Julie Catherine Tawney, 25, both of Charleston.



The following people applied for marriage licenses in Putnam County between May 27 and June 9:

Robert Lee Fleck II, 25, and Mindy Lou Witt, 25, both of Red House.

John Linn Copenhaver, 40, and Amy L. Dean, 47, both of Hurricane.

Roger Daniel Hayes, 32, and Lorie Ann Given, 34, both of Scott Depot.

Christopher Don Berry, 33, and Stacy Lea Riegel, 32, both of Winfield.

Albert Calvin Dunn Jr., 47, and Amanda Jane Bender, 30, both of Scott Depot.

Robert Michael Carroll II, 35, and Kelli D. Smith, 33, both of Hurricane.

Jerry Edward Hayes, 61, and Kimberly Ann Haney, 51, both of Red House.

Robert J. Chohon Jr., 41, and Dawna L. Vance, 37, both of Hurricane.

Jonathan Leo Priddy, 37, and Jennifer Suzanne Priddy, 36, both of Nitro.

Stephen Hodges III, 59, and Lorra Mae Sponaugle, 38, both of Hurricane.

Michael Craig Simpkins, 43, and Kimberly Jo Dalton, 43, both of Scott Depot.

Jordan Andrew Wilton, 22, and Olivia Van Wymer, 22, both of Scott Depot.


The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between June 3 and 9:

Pamela P. Lucas from Donald R. Lucas

Melissa D. Cordwell from Joshua D. Cordwell

Gary Cummings from Michelle L. Cummings

Helen L. Bailey-Hendricks from Charles Edward Hendricks

Charles E. Hendricks from Helen L. Bailey-Hendricks

Teddy Ray Myers Sr. from Amber N. Dye-Myers

Jennifer J. Keenan from Terrance L. Keenan

Robert Dixon from Lisa Dixon

Cynthia Dawn Moore from Edward Wesley Moore

John T. Slicer from Amanda G. Slicer

Property transfers

The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between June 3 and 10:

Rebecca M. Cook to Jack K. Carte. Lot, Loudon District, $100,000.

Chad L. and Alison C. Stone to Roger and Caroline McDaniel. Lots, Jefferson District, $110,000.

Kevin A. Highlander to Sarah B. Foster. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $153,000.

John E. Fleck to John Charles and Mary Lu Johnson. Lots, Malden District, $50,000.

Charles Lee Bailey to Edward L. Kuhn. Lot, Dunbar Tax District, $65,000.

Tim Wolfe, Rick Webb, Michael Skiles, Joe Beam, Faye Shafer, Cheryl Sutton, Jeanie Martin and Bob Martin, trustees of the Coal Fork United Methodist Church, to William D. Hill. Lot, Malden District. $145,000.

Roger A. and Patricia Ann Caruthers. Lot, Cabin Creek Tax District, $69,400.

Pamela Sue Thompson to McDonald's USA LLC. Parcel, Union District, $387,500.

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