October 27, 2012
On file: Oct. 19-26, 2012


The following people applied for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between Oct. 19 and 26:

Richard Lee Houchins Sr., 63, of Boomer, and Regina Marie Barron, 55, of Montgomery.

Nickey Robert Bird II, 39, and Joy Lynn Johnson, 45, both of Clendenin.

Bobby Jay Helmick, 18, and Tori Nicole Pynakker, 17, both of Elkview.

Jeremy Ryan O'Ferrell McGhee, 29, of Charleston, and Amber Renee Sawyers, 27, of Bruceton Mills.

Ryan Shane Aliff, 36, and Crystal Beth Cantrell, 32, both of Charleston.

Timothy Michael Trimble, 21, and Amanda White, 20, both of Elkview.

Brian Keith Warner, 38, of Cross Lanes, and Amber Leann Slater, 30, of St. Albans.

Daniel Vinton Moore, 63, and Betty Jean Shaffer, 66, both of Elkview.

Johnny Allen Derrix Jr., 23, and Shana Rae Chestnut, 19, both of Charleston.

Richard Thomas Holleron Jr., 40, of Charleston, and Elisha Faye Rawlings, 32, of South Charleston.

Michael Robert Burns, 30, and Jennifer Denise Keener, 31, both of Charleston.

George Ryan Whittington, 41, and Shelley Lynn Fisher, 39, both of Charleston.

Jeremy Wade Washington, 25, and Enocha Marie Thomas, 27, both of Charleston.

James Harold Reed, 49, and Leisha Lynn Reed, 47, both of Charleston.

William Joseph Nehme, 26, of Cross Lanes, and Kayla Chantelle Gillenwater, 22, of Tornado.

Nathan Thomas Jett, 19, and Sarah Ann Waller, 20, both of Charleston.

Glenn Allen Hudson II, 21, and Laila Marie Hughes, 21, both of South Charleston.

Ricky James Jordan, 48, and Cheryl Ann Hudson, 47, both of Charleston.


The following people applied for marriage licenses in Putnam County between Oct. 12 and 26:

Dennis Michael Risden, 49, and Terri Golden Mullins, 51, both of Hurricane.

Paul Lewis Rice, 70, and Nancy Jane Rice, 57, both of St. Albans.

James Allen Thompson, 23, of Fraziers Bottom, and Caila Diana Vance, 17, of Hurricane.

Bobby Allen Stover, 26, and Amanda Dawn Priddy, 32, both of Winfield.

Vincent Robert McCord, 54, of Scott Depot, and Linda Gail Dunn, 55, of Dunbar.

Russell William Gibson, 23, and Hannah Marie Walls, 20, both of Nitro.

Mark Neal Pauley, 37, of Scott Depot, and Sarah Kathleen Johnson, 38, of Hurricane.

Steven Nathaniel Jones, 26, and Keyria Tene Franklin, 29, both of Red House.

Rickie Lee Starcher, 49, of Liberty, and Melissa Dawn Dement, 42, of Red House.

Wilbur Thomas Hines Jr., 38, of Hurricane, and Kellen Eloise Woodson, 29, of Dunbar.

James Brent Clendenin, 30, of Eleanor, and Franki Ann Rummell, 21, of Red House.


The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between Oct 19 and 26:

Victoria L. Angel-Monday from Jerry Don Monday.

Andrew Jason Keeney from Hailey Nicole Keeney.

Angela D. Lewis from Michael F. Lewis.

John R. Hamon Jr. from Candice E. Layne.

Sarah E. Farris from Victor C. Winfree.

Martin Woody from Candice Ramsey.

Michelle Massengill from Jason Massengill.

Elizabeth Whittington from Robert Young.

Madison Brown from Winston Brown III.

Derick E. Shores from Melissa D. Shores.

Angela Nowell from John Nowell.

Holli Faith Tucker from John Ryan Byrd.

Amber Lynne Napier from David Jeffrey Napier II.

Emily Danielle Westerman from Paul Howard Westerman.

Sue Arthur from Franklin Arthur.

William Paul Hodges III from Rachel Jaclyn Hodges.

Ashley L. Edens from Andrew J. Arbogast.

Stacy Michelle Patterson from Shawn Robert Patterson.

Jeremiah C. Abner from Laura O'Dell.


The following people filed for divorce in Putnam County between Oct. 12 and 26:

Kelli Lynn Hoskins from Terry Hoskins Jr.

Monica Harless from Christopher Harless.

Yvonne Renee Bentley from Paul David Bentley.

Melissa Wiles from Leslie P. Wiles.

Teresa M. Bennett from Denver M. Bennett.

David Hawkins from Stacy Hawkins.

Phil Edward King from Tonya Lynn King.

Larissa McCoy from Wesley McCoy.

Johnny W. Lovejoy from Sherrie R. Lovejoy.

Kimberly Stanley-Stover from Victor Allen Stover.

Tiffani Owsley from Clinton Owsley.

Rachel Smith from James Smith.

Courtney Pauley from Robert Eric Pauley.

Chad Petersen from Ashley Petersen.

Sarah Grant from James Grant.

Clarissa Bryant from Ryan Bryant.

Property transfers

The following property transfers over $50,000 were recorded in Kanawha County between Oct. 19 and 26:

Michelle Lynn Rose to Ralph E. Farmer II. Tracts, Union District, $135,000.

Secretary of Department of Housing and Urban Development to Ronnie Lee Harvey. Lot, Union District, $50,000.

Nabila M. Najar to JP Holdings LLC. Parcels, Charleston and Dunbar, $167,000.

David A. Najar to JP Holdings LLC. Parcels, Charleston, St. Albans, and Dunbar, $133,000.

William A. II and Gail R. Carter to Owen S. II and Barbara A. Higgins. Lot, Charleston South Annex Tax District, $353,400.

Jerbon LLC to Elk River Development LLC. Lot, Elk District, $142,000.

Hereford & Riccardi PLLC to Milestone LLC. Lots, Elk District, $59,630.

William A. Jr. and Ellen C. Rice to Melissa L. and Kenneth R. Starcher II. Lot, Loudon District, $245,000.

Chris Ojeda to Jerad L. and Tiffany D. Bailey. Parcels, Charleston West District, $164,000.

Sara Loftis and Erik Bailey to Charles L. and Janet M. Roach. Lot, Union District, $63,500.

Charles S. and Karin Hope Hamer to Eric F. Price II. Lots, Charleston West District, $88,000.

Carol J. Crites to James R. Hupp. Lot, Charleston, $138,000.

Georgianna and Charles Evans to Joe R. and Janet C. Howard. Lot, Malden District, $150,000.

William T. Jenkins to Naomi Cobb. Lot, Union District, $120,000.

Leslie Pinkerton to Timothy E. II and Tonya K. Richardson. Lot, Big Sandy District, $114,000.

Austin Lee and Diane Lee Stephens to David C. Workman Jr. Lot, Jefferson District, $145,000.

Supermarket of Dunbar Inc. to Patton Development WV, LLC. Parcels, Dunbar, $367,000.

Scott A. Izat to Melanie Foster Taylor. Lots, Charleston West District, $131,000.

Joseph M. and Jo Karen Compton to Means Holding Company LLC. Tracts, North Charleston Tax District, $450,000.

James D. Mullins to Samuel Jarrell. Lot, St. Albans, $123,500.

Lori Payne Smith to Steven J. Morrison. Lot, Charleston West Tax District, $115,000.

Marci A. Bevans to William M. Jr., and Lori P. Smith. Lot, Charleston South Annex Tax District, $315,000.

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