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'He marched to his own beat'

 Friends fondly remember Huntington native Dr. Paul Wesley Ambrose, who died Sept. 11 when his plane crashed into the Pentagon. The following quotes were taken from the American Medical Student Association Web site, where Paul served as legislative affairs director.   "I remember walking by his office and he was lying on the floor, listening to his Goth music, steel-toed boots in the air. This was Paul's daily routine."  Shawn Taylor Zelman, who worked with Ambrose at AMSA   "He marched to his own beat, and made us all feel cool by association. I never knew what to expect with Paul, which made the friendship more rewarding."  
Erin Fuller, former AMSA staff member    "My first thought was, 'My God, he's a surfer!' Then we began to talk. His passion for health-care policy and his almost innate activism was apparent from the first moment. His heart and soul were consumed by the highest ideals, and they were matched by an intellect that was awesome — the best-looking genius I ever met." 
 Andrew Nowalk, vice president during Ambrose's Legislative Affairs Director term  
 "I looked at this guy across the table from me, with his deep blue eyes and chiseled cheekbones and floppy, highlighted hair and cool clothes, and I prepared to write him off. By the end of the meal, after Paul had intelligently and matter-of-factly touched on his experiences hiking through South America, on the need for a more cogent public-health infrastructure, and on the writings of Hunter S. Thompson, I felt chagrined."  Chris Durso, former New Physician editor   "C. Everett Koop was right when he said Paul would have made U.S. surgeon general. I swear he accomplished and lived more in his 32 years than I have in 45. But I promise to do better in his memory."  Rick Stahlhut, friend and former teacher   "I learned of his final surprise as his Spanish instructor from Marshall University showed me pictures of Paul in Spain. I said, 'That castle looks familiar.' Sure enough, it was the castle Paul and I were to be married in. Only, Paul led me to believe that he had never seen this castle. When in reality, it was his favorite place in Spain and [he] had been there many times. This was characteristically Paul — always up to something wonderful."  Bianca Angelino, fiancée   Compiled by Joy Davia  
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