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Willow Island Disaster Victims

List of the fifty-one men killed in the 1978 scaffold collapse near Willow Island.

  • Joseph V. Bafile, Washington, Pa.
  • James B. Blouir, St. Marys
  • Robert W. Blouir, St. Marys
  • Steve D. Blouir, St. Marys
  • Kenneth E. Boring, Salem
  • Richard L. Bowser, Parkersburg
  • Thomas E. Cross, St. Marys
  • William R. Cunningham, Parkersburg
  • Roy F. Deem, Waverly
  • Ray Deulley, Glenville
  • Darryl Glover, Moundsville
  • Loren K. Glover, Moundsville
  • Alvin W. Goff, Tuppers Plains, Ohio
  • Gary L. Gossett, Walker
  • James A. Harrison, Parkersburg
  • Claude J. Hendrickson, St. Marys
  • Daniel R. Hensler, Newport, Ohio
  • Kenneth W. Hill, Midland, Pa.
  • Roger K. Hunt, Parkersburg
  • Tom G. Kaptis, Cairo
  • C. Randy Lowther, St. Marys
  • Ronald Lee Mathers, Walker
  • Howard R. McBrayer Jr., St. Marys
  • Willard H. McCown, Pennsboro
  • Clayton P. Monroe, Parkersburg
  • Robert B. Moore, Flatwoods
  • Chet Payne, St. Marys
  • Edgar A. Phillips, Marietta, Ohio
  • Raymond W. Poling, Thornton
  • Robert C. Riley, Parkersburg
  • Ray R. Rollyson, Pennsboro
  • Floyd Rupe, Dexter, Ohio
  • Alan W. Sampson, Parkersburg
  • Glen E. Satterfield, St. Marys
  • Jeffry F. Snyder, Vienna
  • Earnest Steele, St. Marys
  • Emmett R. Steele, St. Marys
  • Larry G. Steele, St. Marys
  • Miles E. Steele, St. Marys
  • Ronald D. Steele, St. Marys
  • Richard A. Stoke, Waverly
  • Richard P. Swick, Beverly, Ohio
  • Brian H. Taylor, St. Marys
  • Dale Martin Wagoner, Belington
  • Charles Warren, Parkersburg
  • Jackie R. Westfall, Newport, Ohio
  • Lewis D. Wildman, Stouts Mills
  • Ronald W. Yocum, Parkersburg
  • Gary Hinkle, Parkersburg
  • Larry Deem, Parkersburg
  • Fred Pride, St. Marys

Source: Governor's Commission on Willow Island


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