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April 6, 2012: Slots; Bush is to blame; Legislature

Slot machines should be made illegal againEditor:Craig Hammond, former mayor of Bluefield, penned a commentary to the Gazette admonishing the Lottery Commission for readying the public for online poker and other youth-oriented games.Hammond didn't go far enough.Here's the real deal on slots:
  • Slot machines (gambling) were illegal before they were made legal by the Legislature.
  • Gambling is still illegal (why?) unless one has a license.
  • The state created an industry that doesn't produce a product, that is very addictive and where people have very little chance to return to normalcy once addicted.
  • Some time in the future, when it so devastates the economy, it will have to be repealed.
  • The slot machine is manufactured to systematically take your money, and that's illegal and the reason gambling was illegal from day one.
  • Every machine tallies money in and money out. Forget any other number the Lottery Commission makes public, like free plays, and do the math.
  • How could the state and casinos amass fortunes if the machines are honest by design?Steve KopaWeirton 
    Bush is to blame for everythingEditor:I am fed up with the media failing the public by skirting around the truth when referring to the condition our country is in and who is receiving the blame for it all. Dare to face the facts as they are and report all events as they happened in the proper sequence of history. It is simple enough to do and to do less is being remiss in practicing honesty.George W. Bush is now and has been a serious failure in American history since he left the halls of Austin, Texas, and began occupying the halls of the White House in Washington, D.C. The people of West Virginia helped make it all possible when citizens of my state along with the help of Shelly Moore Capito turned out in 2004 and chose Bush for four more years of American destruction to irreparable ruin.Barak Obama has accomplished much toward saving this nation from complete financial collapse and another depression. In spite of my representative entering into a contract with Grover Norquist and pledging loyalty to John Boehner and the Republican Party to make Obama a one-term president, she and her party have gone for one full year doing nothing but collecting their annual salary of $180,000 plus tips, (big donations worth thousands of dollars from lobbyists) for just saying "NO" to every proposal put forth by Obama in creating jobs.George W. Bush is totally responsible for today's national crises. President Obama had nothing to do with Bush and his gang deciding to start two wars not paid for.Charles P. JonesLorain, Ohio $15,000 raises are outrageousEditor:I have never in my lifetime seen anything like what is going on in the state of West Virginia like that is going on now!$15,000 dollar raises! Some people don't even make much more than $15,000 per year!I read this article three times and still can't believe it! Has the whole world gone crazy?These people are already making big money, compared to most of the people in West Virginia! Some have their whole family working for them! If it's such a poor-paying job, why!The economy is down! Not up! It wasn't even discussed, according to the article! Why wasn't it discussed?I worked my whole life and never made one half as they make now, much less with this raise!The whole Legislature needs to be changed, from top to bottom! A third party is badly needed!When anything is passed of this magnitude without any discussion, something is terribly wrong in this state!God help us, because this do-nothing Legislature sure is not!Howard KeyserNew Haven
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