April 13, 2012: MTR mining; right-to-work; parole board; gas prices; cellphones in cars

Mountaintop removal must be stoppedEditor:Why is it that the mining companies can ignore the laws against destroying "Public Lands" and remove mountaintops?I don't live there anymore, but I expect to see those mountains intact when I visit there.I come down every two years for my school reunion. The last time I came down, as we were approaching Charleston all I could see was red-clay dirt. It brought tears to my eyes.I love those mountains! I grew up there. They're what makes West Virginia the beautiful state it is.Can't anything be done to stop it?Evelyn WyllieJamaica, N.Y. W.Va. should be a right-to-work stateEditor:The odds are greater of a mountaineer winning the lottery than a cracker plant locating in a "workshop state" when you consider the economic and political climate. We do not have a Donald Trump to find the deal and, more importantly, close the deal.Take the Caterpillar production plant that went unnoticed that offered 1,400 good-paying jobs to the economy. Georgia (a right-to-work state) won the bid overwhelmingly. South Carolina (another right-to-work state) won a Boeing contract that brought 1,000 jobs to assist in building its new Dreamliner plane.The liberal political despotism that extends its tentacles over all prevents things from being born in this state. Social, economic, political and educational opportunities are being denied its citizens who face the daily task of paying their bills and putting food on the table or giving their children a brighter future.
Democrats do not want to face the fact that, if enough statistical information via radio and Internet are circulated to their constituents, the day will come when they will be forced to have a floor debate and vote on right-to-work legislation. Instead, Democrats poke fun at Delegate Mitch Carmichael and Sen. Karen Facemyer for their concerns to open the borders of this state to economic freedom for all its citizens who should not be forced to join a union as a condition of employment.The economic shackles and political incompetence of our liberal representatives, for more than 80 years, continue to advertise its hard-working citizens as barefoot and ignorant. This, honestly, is their version of success.Gov. Tomblin, Speaker Thompson and Senate President Kessler represent the citizens of this state. Let the debate begin for right-to-work legislation, before more employment opportunities go south.Charlie BasfordShrewsbury 
Tomblin needs to shake-up parole board Editor:
Does the governor of West Virginia know what his parole board is doing? The parole board itself sure doesn't.I am a 50-year-old disabled Army veteran who is serving a 1-3 year sentence in Huttonsville for a nonviolent crime (attempt to commit a felony). I've served 13 months of 18, with five months left to discharge.I recently saw that the parole board released several sex offenders back into society (some were repeat offenders) but won't release an old man with a 1-3 and nonviolent crime.I think the governor needs to take a hard look at who he has working for him and make some employee changes, because the ones he has now are sure making him look bad.Richard KincaidHuttonsville Don't blame Obama for high gas pricesEditor:I just read in the paper that Mitt Romney is blaming Obama for the high gas prices.I think he should retract his thinking and statement. He should look back a few years at the end of the Bush-Cheney era. When Cheney held closed-door meetings with big oil. He wouldn't say what it was all about, but people knew when oil and gas prices went up. All about big oil and Cheney getting richer and the poor getting poorer.Put the blame where it belongs.By the way I didn't vote for Obama.Donald MartinShrewsbury Cellphones in cars dangerous to othersEditor:I find the current controversy over texting while driving, for lack of a better word, stupid.We have a law requiring the use of seat belts when driving. Not using a seat belt only endangers the life or well-being of the drivers. It does not threaten the well-being of other motorists or impair driving ability in any way.Talking or texting while driving does.Bobbie WalkerSouth Charleston
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