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Readers' Voice: April 18, 2012

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email 
  • I would like to know if the Dunbar Police Department has any fitness standards. It certainly does not appear so.
  • I do not want to vote for Manchin for Senate in the upcoming election, but I do not want to vote for the Republican in the general so I pray that we get a Democrat in the primary that will run for the U.S. Senate against Manchin -- a true Democrat.
  • As a West Virginia taxpayer with a child in our public schools, I am saddened once again to see an administrator who's been bullying and brutalizing children.
  • I am a Kanawha County school cook and would like to let Mr. Pete Thaw know that, when you call someone lazy publicly, you should at least have your facts straight. Anyone who has cooked any at all knows it's impossible to microwave meals for anywhere from 200 to 1,200 students daily. Mr. Thaw, you owe those Kanawha County cooks an apology.
  • When I was young, I made a conscious decision not to procreate. I believe in climate change, however, if the miners, coal operators and politicians want to roast the planet, it won't affect my children.
  • I think it's absolutely ridiculous that my children that live in America should learn another language. We live in America. Speak American.
  • I understand why drug felons don't get food stamps, but please explain why baby molesters do.
  • Am I going to be the first one to bring up the subject about Romney's wife on how many people she had helping her raise those five boys? I'm sure she wasn't alone in that.
  • About the picture on Monday's front page of the Gazette, I have a question. Whose kite is it? The girl is touching nothing about the kite.
  • To the nosy person who doesn't mind their own beeswax that says someone bought $70 worth of Easter candy with a food stamp card. If you were putting your own groceries up and minding your own business, you wouldn't know how somebody else is paying with something. That's just plain nosy.
  • That principal in Mason County is not committing child abuse. He is enforcing the state law that the bus aisles must be cleared with an uncooperative passenger. That's why our schools are in the shape they are today -- the principals and teachers have no authority.
  • I would like to apologize to Dan Cook for most of my comments on the Readers' Voice. You see, 99 percent of the calls I make are tongue in cheek and geared toward both parties and some religions and really I'm sorry about that, Dan. I'll quit now.
  • This is about that Dan Cook that has a problem with the Readers' Voice. Dan, if you don't like free speech, then I suggest you move to another country.
  • Why does the Secret Service scandal have to cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars. They should have to pay for their own jolly good times.
  • You made my day. Pat White and Landau together. We should be so very proud of these two young men. They are No. 1 in my book.
  • Concerning the Tea Party rally this past weekend in Charleston, I've seen bigger crowds watching garbage trucks unloading.
  • GOP candidates for governor: Clark has no real plan or chance and Mahoney is using same baloney he lost with before. Congrats on the win, Mr. Tomlin.
  • "Tax duckers?" I call them "deadbeat billionaires."
  • In the case of joint ownership of property that is eligible for the $20,000 Homestead Exemption, are both people (husband and wife) required to be a least 65 years old to apply for the exemption or one only?
  • This is for the person commenting about not sending special-needs students to regular school. Every child has a right to an education with their peers. Maybe someone should ask what the other adults on that bus were thinking while the principal was manhandling this child. They should be ashamed of themselves for not protecting this innocent child.
  • When people speak of "American Exceptionalism," they are usually talking about American arrogance, American hubris and an American double standard.
  • If you are a pretty young woman in need of money, go talk to the old men at the West Virginia Agriculture Department and tell them you want to raise chickens in your backyard. They will give you a grant.
  • If you need a reason to vote for President Obama, consider this: Dick Cheney . . . said that he wants to see the President defeated.
  • So Ann Romney raised five boys all by herself. The wife of a very rich man didn't have any maids, nannies, babysitters, gardeners, housekeepers, etc.? Yeah, right.
  • The only way the GOP can be blocking any Democrat attempts to pass bills would be if some Democrats are agreeing with the GOP. Many Dems are seeing that their only chance of staying in office is to lean to the conservative side of the aisle.
  • I see in the news that researchers believe they have found the gene responsible for intelligence and that it might explain why some are smarter than others. Big deal. Find the gene responsible for "good ol' common sense" and see to it that everyone get it, especially those who feel compelled to run for public office.
  • Someone asked in the Readers' Voice: "Why do people park their trucks behind their house?" Why not? Where else should they park them?
  • I couldn't agree more with Dan Cook on his op-ed about Readers' Voice. . . . I used to get upset with some of the ignorance, prejudice and outright lies, and would even respond at times. But when I read it now, it's the same old thing, day in and day out -- ignorance, prejudice and outright lies. Stupidity was there yesterday, today and will be tomorrow. West Virginians don't want to be confused by the facts, so responding is a waste of my time.
  • Maybe Republicans aren't as dumb as we think. The spate of media coverage on the anniversary of the Titanic's sinking suggests they learned at least one lesson from the disaster: women and children last.
  • I have a question for if Palmer who is Justice Workman's law clerk expects to have his job back when the election is over and he loses.
  • In other countries, the terrorist group is called the Taliban. In the United States, the terrorist group is called Republicans.
  • For the person who thinks they deserve to have their radio blasting outside while they are doing things so they can listen to a race, my suggestion is stick it in your ear.
  • I know that one person's eyesore is another person's art, but is it not possible to find some mural artist that just paints something graceful and beautiful and pleasing to the eye? Does it have to be controversial and modernistic?
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