April 27, 2012: AG's office; Manchin; judges

AG's office a friend you can bank onEditor:Being cynical about our government has practically become the national pastime, but sometimes our government works -- and does exactly what it should do.That is the case with the W.Va. Attorney General's Office, specifically Assistant Attorney General Heather Connolly and her capable staff in the Consumer Protection Division. They sprang into action upon reading my letter of complaint against Wells Fargo, a company that has misled, lied, harassed and harangued me ever since I contacted them for help after a series of hardships left me unable to make mortgage payments on the home my mentally disabled son lived in.My lone cry in the wilderness was heard and acted upon swiftly. Within 48 hours, the foreclosure dogs had been called off. Wells Fargo's scorched earth policy of punishing rather than helping people like me was taken seriously by the AG's office, which also referred me to the good folks at Mountain State Justice.With Mountain State Justice and the AG behind me, I'm no longer alone in this David and Goliath dispute with one of the nation's largest banks. Now, this office is reaching out to others who have been harmed by these lending institutions, to find and assist them.If you have been affected by the abusive practices of the "Big 5" banks, call the AG's Office, 1-800-368-8808.You have a friend there, I promise. You can take it to the bank.Nancy WhalenDavis  Manchin not following Democrat principlesEditor:Sen. Manchin is at again. Ever since he got elected to fill Sen. Byrd's seat (but not his shoes), he has been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, reacting to the latest poll.The popularity of the president registers low in the Mountain State, so the senator can't decide if he favors Republican Gov. Mitt Romney or President Obama to finish the job of pulling our country out of the economic swamp of the previous administration.
I strongly support President Obama. In three years, he has pulled the country from the precipice of a greater depression than we faced in the 1930s. He saved the auto industry from going belly up and taking with it one in every six jobs in this country tied to it as suppliers, distributors and service. Without bravado, he killed Osama Bin Laden, America's most notorious enemy ever. He instituted protections from financial calamities that caused the economic problems that got us into this mess. He has done more to provide health care to all than all his predecessors and would have provided a world class single payer system if not for the resistance of the Republicans.The president has called for clean coal, not an elimination of fossil fuels as many have claimed. If we worked toward this goal, we would have more jobs and a cleaner environment, Presently it is unsafe to eat more than one meal of fish per month from West Virginia streams because of mercury contamination caused by burning coal. Who but a fool would not want to clean up this cancer causing plague? Coal is extremely important in West Virginia, but so is the health of our citizens and hopefully the industry and our environment can survive hand and hand as they ought to do.I don't believe that Republicans are wrong on every issue. To the contrary, their love of country is just as strong as ours, we who profess to be Democrats. The difference in the two parties is based on the principles they subscribe to.When I campaigned for Gov. Manchin to become Sen. Manchin I truly expected him to support the Democratic policies and programs that are identifiable with my party.Kelly SparksRonceverte
 Prisons: Do judges think they are God?Editor:I am writing this letter about the judicial system.My husband was accepted into a Christian-based program, Crossroads, a year-long program where everything is focused on our heavenly Father. He was accepted into this program, with a bed waiting for him. A Kanawha County Circuit judge (who is not the Holy Judge) denied him this great opportunity.My husband is at the South Central Regional Jail. Now, he will be sent to prison because an "almighty judge" at Circuit Court denied him this great opportunity to change his life around.This program is what he has needed all his life, and a judge denied him of it? Prison overcrowding is something judges need to think about. If there are alternatives -- Christian-based alternatives -- why would a judge deny a man to finally find his real "Father"?Terri PleasantCharleston
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