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Readers' Voice: Aug. 1, 2012

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  • Conservatives are castigating Ravenswood aluminum workers for standing up for their rights. West Virginia coal miners have abdicated standing up for their rights, becoming shills for the coal companies through the idiotic "Friends Of Coal," and you see the results. They are cast away like garbage.
  • Is there anyone remaining who doubts that our political and economic systems are both broken beyond repair?
  • Isn't it coincidental that the sons and daughters of all the conservatives that want war with Iran will not be in danger? Why don't they put their children's rears where their mouths are? Hypocrites.
  • Every day, there is a Democrat writing in criticizing Manchin. That's just the way Democrats are -- no compromise. They want all or nothing. Manchin votes based on what is good for West Virginia, and for what the people of this great state want. Liberals are not happy unless they have someone that is very extreme. Well, you liberals do have Rockefeller. I am a Republican that will vote for Manchin.
  • I didn't know AEP had a branch in India until I read today's paper and saw where 600 million people were without power.
  • Could someone explain to me what is going on at the Speedway on Campbells Creek? When I passed there on [July 30] at around 4:30 p.m., their regular gas was $3.65 a gallon, up 20 cents from the day before. When I came back down the road at around 9 p.m. it was $3.47 a gallon. Did they need that extra money they charged everyone all day Monday to pay for their lunch, or what?
  • The [reader] who wondered why President Obama would help Israel must be especially curious of Mitt Romney's comments in Israel. He admired "their riches, which come from their culture." Of course, he thoroughly offended the Palestinians with this comment. I worry about his lack of diplomacy.
  • The Jackson family will do anything to keep their name in the news. Sad story.
  • They have the World War II memorial at Pearl Harbor. They've got the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C. Now they've got the Upper Big Branch Mine memorial in Raleigh County. I'd just like to know where the Korean memorial is.
  • I don't understand why they talk about Mitt Romney's wealth. Do they not think Obama is wealthy? Look at the fundraisers he's had. He's rich.
  • In reference to the column headlined 'Gauging cracker demand,' I believe cracker demand increases in proportion to soup consumption.
  • Mitt Romney wants to cut taxes for millionaires like himself and spend more money on the military even though his five sons have never been in the military. Could someone explain to me how that is going to reduce the deficit?
  • All these crooks that had anything to do with that Housing Development Fund mess need thrown out of office. Throw them out.
  • Mr. Maloney says we need to quit giving the poor people and the uninsured free rides. You know, hey, make them get out and get a job. The wealthy needs gardeners and cooks and nannies, and they could at least make minimum wage.
  • Hello. Does anybody out there know how to get rid of gnats this time of season? A cheap way. Thank you.
  • If you're a law enforcement officer and you're hiding behind a car door or a car, why would you need to shoot a man down without seeing a gun or at all?
  • A lot of people voted for Obama in 2008 to show that they were not racist.
  • I see the Democrats are trying to sneak a gun-ban bill into a cyber-security bill. Why do they keep doing that? Why are they trying to start a revolution? That's what's going to happen if they keep doing it.
  • Mr. Maloney says he will take away your health insurance if he's elected. Now, will the next thing be your guns?
  • The Beckley paper on July 30 had an article referring to President Obama as the first black president. Does this mean that all people of mixed race are considered black?
  • The venter who says it's amazing that those who preach tolerance are so intolerant when anybody speaks up against their lifestyle. How true, and that's all I will say right now.
  • I saw in the paper where Broughton Dairy is going under again. Why can't someone open a restaurant there for the middle-class people? They would be a booming business there.
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