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Readers' Voice: Aug. 15, 2012

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published.Call 304-357-4451 or email
  • There's something wrong with this picture. Charleston is the capital city of West Virginia, yet our state fair is 75 miles up in the boonies when we have all kinds of property around Charleston where people could enjoy the fair.
  • I am so sick of this stupid Olympics. I get 78 channels on my TV and that's stupid stuff is on 12 of them. When is this stupid stuff going to end?
  • This is to the caller saying that the Winfield residents know more about the Nitro council than the mayor does himself. You should try living in Pratt. I don't think anyone knows what they're doing up there, the council or mayor.
  • I have been getting phone calls all hours of the day and night. ID comes up as private caller. How can I get this stopped?
  • To the guy from West Virginia University who won the gold medal, thanks, thanks, but most of you anti-gun nuts would like him to be in prison because he fired a rifle.
  • How did that crowd get so big at Cabela's? Does nobody work or did everybody just take a day off and say to heck with my job, I'm going to Cabela's? I guess most of them's on the public so they can do anything they want because they don't have to work.
  • This is to the Herd fan talking crap about our WVU $17 million coach, I would much rather travel 1,000 miles to watch a great team in a great league than to go to Huntington and watch a Mickey Mouse team in a wimpy league.
  • I didn't know that President Obama set the electric rate. What did he do, call AEP in West Virginia and say raise the electric bills? I don't think so.
  • I don't know how anyone in this country can vote for President Obama when he will not approve that pipeline to come down from Canada to carry oil to West Virginia and the whole United States.
  • To the person complaining about the football coach making more money at the university than the professors do, well, maybe if every time the chemistry class met 85,000 people would come to it and it made the school $10 million each time you had a quiz bowl, they'd make the same amount of money that the football coach does.
  • The first time I registered my telephone number with the national do-not-call system a few years ago, I never received any or very few telemarketing calls, but after my first registration expired and I re-registered, I now receive call after call from telemarketing callers. Does anyone know why the do-not-call list is being ignored by telemarketing callers?
  • Anyone approaching the age where they will receive Social Security and be on Medicare is a fool if they vote for Romney and Ryan. If elected, good-bye to Social Security and Medicare, and hello to buying any help in your old age from an insurance company. If you have ever tried to get benefits from an insurance company, you know what a hassle that is.
  • Be careful, WVU. Don't be like Penn State. Your main job is to educate young people, not to field a championship team. This goes for fans, too.
  • A vote for Romney-Ryan would be suicidal for seniors. Republicans think that Social Security is some luxury item given to people who don't deserve government help. We've paid into it all of our lives, and it is often the only income seniors have.
  • In this day and time and along with this poor economy, to have a good-paying job and to strike over having to help pay for your insurance like the rest of us do is just stupid, selfish and greedy. I hope the workers get their just reward -- pink slips.
  • Willard Mitt Romney was quoted boasting that the United Sates just won more medals than any other country, we just landed a spacecraft on Mars and are the greatest country on earth. Sounds like Willard just endorsed President Obama.
  • Neither Jesus nor Paul praised the traditional family. Paul, in fact, says it's best to avoid marriage and be celibate.
  • Kudos to Phil Kabler for uncovering DHHR Secretary Rocco Fucillo, charging the taxpayers $6,277 for driving to work, and awarding contracts to the highest bidder. I bet Fucillo will be given a big raise.
  • Voters need to remember that Capito is a yes vote for Paul Ryan's wacky ideas to rob working people of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.
  • WVU doesn't employ teachers, they employ professors. That somebody is paid by Mountaineer athletics and ticket sales not the university, and those 'idiots' are students who are more intelligent than you.
  • I would like to thank the Federal Reserve for wiping out most of my retirement savings with their policy of reducing interest rates. I started out earning around 4.5 percent, but now my interest is below 1 percent. So now, not only am I not getting regular Social Security increases, my savings are also gone. Ah the golden years, they are great.
  • Gas going up, food going up, wages going down. Welcome to America
  • Get ready people, Labor Day is coming and the oil companies are using every lame excuse they can come up with to raise gas prices and take the working class of America for every red cent they have, while our elected officials sit by and rake in their payoffs.
  • There are a lot of slow, simple-minded, uneducated people in America, but they are also in their right mind.
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