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Readers' Voice: Sept. 26, 2012

n I'm calling about the administrator from MSU, where she said to "bring it on" to these students. I saw where a few of the students, she gave out their emails. That is against the law. That is a federal offense, and I think she should be brought to trial or court on stuff like that.
  • I am a strong Obama supporter. I feel that he has more intellect in his little finger than Mitt Romney has in his entire body. However I would be afraid to put an Obama sign in my front yard. I live in the southern coalfields, and I'm serious. I believe that there would be harm come to me.
  • What's with the gray uniforms on West Virginia? We've always been blue and gold. Did the new coach think we had ugly colors or something?
  • So Mr. Richard Florida has completed a study determining who is stupid and who is not. The bottom line of the study: Republicans are stupid and Democrats are not. All this is is a pandering for votes for the Democratic Party. Whoever believes the results of Mr. Florida's study is stupid. As for me, I won't cross over. I'll continue to be stupid.
  • Presidential candidate Mitt Romney reported $3.5 million in income from countries that include Switzerland, Ireland, Germany and the Cayman Islands. That's just the income part. Can you imagine how much money he has stored in those countries? So sad.
  • Mr. Romney did say 47 percent of the people. If you Google it please note the placement of the comma.
  • Regarding the breastfeeding articles, I am proud to say that I breastfed my child long after 12 months. She was a tiny preemie but the healthiest one in day care. For a couple of years she nursed every night before bed. It was a very special time that I loved from beginning to end. I urge every mother who can to breastfeed as long as is possible.
  • How can any Christian justify voting for Mitt Romney when the faith that he practices believes in multiple gods? Nothing could be more opposite of what the Christian faith believes.
  • Lafferty was goading the AG and got what he wanted -- attention. McGraw has been a wonderful attorney general to WV. Anyone who can read knows that. To judge anyone against his/her siblings is bizarre, much like Lafferty and his animalistic behavior. Keep McGraw in and kick Lafferty over to Ohio!
  • Welcome, Cheeseheads, to the land of the shafted, from your friends here in Raider Nation.
  • Republicans keep crying about Obama not creating enough jobs. Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that Republicans killed all three of Obama's jobs bills? 
  • In Clay County we don't have school districts. That is why some classrooms at Clay Elementary have 24, 25, or more students while classes at the other elementary schools may only have 12 or 13.
  • The reader says Obama is wrong because he wants to give out fish while Romney wants to give out a pole. Actually, Obama is more like Jesus. Jesus fed 5,000, giving them fish because He had compassion because they were hungry. Romney and the Republicans do nothing out of compassion.
  • I am proud to have a child at Sissonville High School that decided to stand up for what is right and protest the stopping of the pre-game prayer. It is way past time for people to stand up for what is right and stop letting a few tell the majority what to do. We will continue to pray regardless of what anyone says because we want to.
  • Who decided that the Mountaineers should wear those color uniforms because they played just exactly like those colors were: cloudy and humdrum. I hope they don't use those next week against Baylor.
  • Why did Mitt Romney take so long to release his tax forms? Harry Reid is right. Mitt Romney does think 47 percent of the people are stupid and dumb.
  • How could Chuck Hatfield, Superintendent of Putnam County Schools, not know when a high school student is completely knocked out by a freak accident, especially when that student is the son of a teacher?
  • This concerns the DHHR director not coming in to the Charleston-based office. The other departmental directors need to be checked out too. I know of one who only comes into the office two hours a week.
  • I wish someone would explain to Mr. Raese that he and Manchin are not from the same party. You know, Manchin is a Democrat and is supposed to vote for Obama and Harry Reid. Raese's commercials are starting to make him look stupid.
  • Some people need to stop listening to the liberal media. Romney never said he didn't care about the 47 percent of Americans [who] pay no taxes. What he clearly said, and I agree with, is that he should not waste his time campaigning to those people that get government assistance that fully support Obama.
  • If I were running for office, and I knew that 47 percent were solidly behind the other candidate, then I wouldn't waste my valuable time with them either.  . . . Just like Obama wouldn't go to a conservative group to campaign. This is just another attempt to assassinate the character of a Republican.
  • The people at AARP got it right in booing Mr. Ryan. His budget ideas, endorsed by Gov. Romney, would be horrible for America's seniors. President Obama's health-care plan is endorsed not only by AARP, but by most of the consumer and health-care organizations.
  • I happen to own 200 shares of Proctor and Gamble, which pays me a dividend that is taxed at 15 percent. Some people claim that makes me a "job creator," but that makes no sense. I do not understand why money I work very hard to earn is taxed at twice the rate of money that I don't work for. Everyone who pays a higher tax rate than Romney should be voting for President Obama and a Senate and House that will support working people.
  • Our Foxy Fake News is doing advertising for the GOP every night with their attacks on Democrats. We all know the Republicans are losing in just about every election and are looking to pull all the stops out at any cost with more of their frivolous junk.
  • To the [reader] trying to re-write what Willard Romney said in a recorded speech about 47 percent of the voters in our country: It is not working.
  • Am I the only person alive who realizes that the common man does not vote for president? The electoral is the only thing that counts, so why bother.
  • Lay off the NFL replacement refs! Find someone else to blame when your team loses. I don't remember people being too happy with the guys they replaced either. Abuse of officials by coaches and fans at every level has become intolerable. 
  • Don't worry about the coming 'fiscal cliff.' Congress will do what it does best -- kick it down the road a few months. They will not worry about that today, they will worry about that tomorrow.
  • I agree about Natalie Tennant. She no doubt proves the "Peter Principle" to be valid.
  • Concerning politicians making robo-calls, I listen to them and then cross any candidate who uses them off my list. I would encourage others to do the same. With me, these calls are no better than telemarketing calls.
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