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Readers' Voice: Oct. 3, 2012

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call: 304-357-4451 or email
  • When I remember Obama's statement that if no progress was made in the first three years, he would not get a second term. I remember when he whispered to a foreign leader "wait until after the election" and I watch him now on TV. I am wondering how anyone in their right minds could vote for this man who has been an utter failure.
  • Another request to the SCPD chief: Please get your officers into the hill neighborhoods. We are being overrun with junk vehicles, work trailers, people parking on sidewalks, etc. Please get some order in our neighborhoods. Some of us care about our property.
  • I am sure during the debates you will hear the phrase: Are you better off today than four years ago?" I say a resounding, 'Yes!' Going from 9/11, two wars, a weakened Social Security system, record foreclosures on American homes, $4 a gallon gas, record debt, and a near-depression.  . . . No one person could have mucked this stall in four years and probably not eight.
  • The "fiscal cliff" is nothing compared to the much larger cliff we are headed for if some drastic actions are not taken. Do something courageous and allow all of the ill-advised "temporary" tax cuts to expire. Borrowing even more money to extend these tax cuts is beyond stupid.
  • Concerning the upcoming vote on term limits for sheriffs, I think many more of us are interested in placing term limits on all the statewide offices at two terms. Once they get in office, with our voting mentality, they stay there.
  • How come the best times for creating a surplus in the federal budget was with a Republican Congress and a Democratic chief, Clinton, and now the Republicans are blamed for not cooperating with a Democrat, Obama, and creating a giant deficit? Where is the leadership from the executive now?
  • Damon Thibodeaux, on Louisiana death row for 15 years for murder and rape, is the 300th person exonerated by DNA evidence in the U.S. There is something terribly wrong with our police, prosecutors and courts to have that many wrongful convictions.
  • Somehow, someway, something has got to be done to stop this never-ending onslaught of political commercials. Every election, the attempted brainwashing increases in numbers and intensity. It is cruel and unusual punishment and it has got to stop!
  • I simply will not vote for one guy and I cannot make myself vote for the other guy.
  • The reason so much food is thrown away in public schools is the kids don't like it. Wait until Putnam County forces the kids to eat that homegrown stuff the farmers bring in. We'll be throwing away food and the taxpayers' money.
  • "This most beautiful system of the sun, planets and comets could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being." -- Sir Isaac Newton. "The more I study nature, the more I stand amazed at the work of the Creator." -- Louis Pasteur.
  • Republican presidents interview Supreme Court appointees before appointing them. They certainly ask how they stand on abortion. Some obviously said they were pro-choice since they didn't vote against abortion after being appointed. Yet, that Republican president still appointed them, which proves Republicans lie when they say they're against abortion.
  • There is no way a person can be a Christian and a Republican, because they ignore so much of the Bible, such as the 2,000 verses about the poor and the many parables casting the wealthy in a bad light.
  • Jeb Bush stole the presidency? OMG, move to town and buy a paper.
  • If you can't figure out what the comments are about in the Readers' Voice, please stay away from the polls. You are definitely not qualified to cast a vote for either party! Get educated on the issues, then you will understand.
  • What politicians won't tell you is that you can take all the money the rich make and you still will not come close to balancing the budget. A substantial amount of any new revenue must come from the middle class. We have been living in a fantasy world of low taxes and high spending for a long time. Reality is about to hit home. It's simple math.
  • To the far right-winger imperiously demanding, "lefties have to get off the 47 percent thing." Hey, you guys are beefing about "the 47 percent thing" more than we are.
  • Republicans even corrupt our music. Springsteen's "Born in the USA" protested U.S. foreign policy. Ronnie Reagan misinterpreted it as a patriotic anthem . . . and used it in his election campaign. Now Republicans are using "The Boys Are Back In Town" by Phil Lynott (RIP), for Romney's campaign. Lynott's mother protested against Romney's corrupt use of her son's music.
  • To the people of West Virginia and other states, you see where our taxes are going up. President Obama and his administration borrowing money from China and sending to Afghanistan and Iraq and the Afghanistan soldiers are killing our soldiers. We need to bring all of our soldiers home now, not 2014. The president is bankrupting our country.
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