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Readers' Voice: Oct. 10, 2012

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Express your opinion on any subject you wish.Not all comments are published.Call: 304-357-4451 or email
  •   To the caller complaining about their city water tasting like sewer, you wouldn't happen to live in Pratt would you? We have the same problem here.
  •   Hey buddy, if you lived in South Charleston, down by Oakes Field, and had to put up with the crap that all the residents have to put up with down here, you would understand why we have to put cones out to reserve parking spaces in front of our houses so we have a place as residents . . . for our vehicles. So next time, leave the cones alone.
  •   To the reader who put in that Rusty Casto was the best mayor Nitro has ever had and will go down in history that way: That's true, the new mayor, Dave Casebolt, is never out milling with his constituents, with the crowd. What's he afraid of?
  •   Thank you, so very much, for the beautiful pictures in the paper. Lots of older folks, like myself, are not able to get out to see this beauty. Thank you for caring about us. Thank you to those who take it and for you to print it.
  •   One candidate says coal kills people one day, but he loves coal another day, and leads the party that wants to cut black lung benefits, and force miners to pose for his ads. The other is enforcing MSHA rules to save miners lives. But the UMWA is sitting out the election!
  •   Surely, clueless Republican attacks on social justice can't dumbfound us anymore. Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri speaks of "legitimate rape" and Arkansas Rep. Jon Hubbard calls slavery "a blessing in disguise." Romney's statements regarding "the 47 percent" are no different.
  •   Those of you blaming Obama and the EPA for the downturn in the coal industry refuse to believe the truth: Coal jobs were at an all-time high during the Obama administration and more mining permits were issued. Coal executives don't want you to know the truth: decreased demand for coal because of increased use of natural gas and a milder winter.
  •   The Sunnyside riots, after the game, were a disgusting act of vandalism. They should have a mass arrest of everyone in the streets and all should be arrested and process that day in magistrate court. Everyone found guilty receives 30 days in jail and, if they attend a state institution of higher learning, they should be expelled.
  •   Does the state get bids for hotel conference space? $150 per attendee? When shopping for a hotel, I look for free Wi-Fi.
  •   If you don't like being tailgated, get out of the fast lane.
  •   Instead of putting the amendment for elimination of term limits for sheriffs on the ballot again, which has been defeated multiple times, how about putting an amendment for adding term limits to all offices on the ballot? Then we would see what the public really wants.
  •   The solution to the abuse of cellphones by students is simple. Ban possession and use of cellphones by students on school grounds, period, under penalty of confiscation with disciplinary action. Also, teachers should only have parents' phone numbers, never the students'. We all got along just fine without individual pocket phones. So can today's spoiled brats.
  •   If you really believe unemployment has fallen to 7.8 percent, then you're a fool! ... This president lost on truths from Romney in the debate and now he must spread lies to help himself look good.
  •   Romney doesn't need a lot of ads. He's even, if not leading, in most polls already. After four years in office, Obama has to saturate the landscape and airwaves with ads to convince voters he did a good job. If he was half the president he's trying to say he is, he wouldn't need all the ads.
  •   I don't know why coal miners just don't go get jobs with the gas industry. There's about to be a boom and they are the biggest competitors.
  •   I think Earl Ray Tomblin is the greatest governor we've had in 20 years, and I think President Obama is the worst president we've had ever.
  •   Middle-class retirees with decent pensions and Social Security spend money at restaurants, on modest vacations, buy gifts for their grandkids, and other extras. This is part of what keeps our economy going. In a few years, the next generation will be working longer and will not be as well off in their retirement if the Republicans control our government and the corporations have their way.
  •   When it comes to being a warmonger president, Mitt Romney will make George Bush look like a choir boy.
  •   I have completely [quit] watching NBC, ABC and CBS because of their biased reporting in support of dictator Barrack Hussein Obama. And if he is elected to another four-year term, America will be toast. And evidently, these stations don't care.
  •   With winter coming on and maybe unexpected climate changes, it seems even more important for households to prepare for sudden or short-term emergency situations. For instance, storing water, canned soups and so forth, pet foods, various paper products, emergency light . . . Think about it. It's not difficult. It's practical.
  •   I think that no one here in Nitro has ever seen the new mayor. How do we go about putting his picture on a milk carton?
  •   I have been a Mountaineer fan, watching Mountaineer football for 50 years, and in all that time, they have never had a worse defensive backfield, defending against the pass ever as they have now.
  •   Men, you better tell your wives how to vote and your daughters how to vote. If not, we're going to end up with four more years of Obama.
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