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Readers' Voice: Oct. 24, 2012

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  • There is no reason in this world for anyone to pass a school bus. I think the laws are too lenient with them. I think they should go to jail, lose their operator's and pay a big fine, and if they kill a child or hurt a child, it should be murder, not a slap on the hand.
  • No matter who is elected president, the mines will continue to operate but at a lower level because of the market and the diminishing coal. Also, guns and Bibles cannot be taken away. I think any intelligent person knows this.
  • This is to the person who said in the Readers' Voice that if Obama is re-elected they're going to take away your guns, your Bibles, all your freedoms, close the coal mines, etc. Well, you know what? You need to be taken away. Straight to a mental hospital and involuntarily committed until you're sane enough to walk the streets again, because you are obviously absolutely nuts.
  • I think it is time for WVU to rid itself of Oliver Luck and that fruitcake Holgorsen and all of his cronies. Holgorsen cannot get a grip on the concept of defense due to a mental disability that causes him to fixate on only one thing at a time.
  • A smart person may, if absolutely necessary, vote for a Republican if they are running for an office that only enforces the laws but an intelligent person will never vote for a Republican who is running for an office that makes the laws.
  • Remembering George McGovern, I recall how Republican propaganda portrayed this real WWII military hero as soft and weak, while portraying Ronnie Raygun as tough, although he spent the entire war hiding out in Culver City.
  • If Obama gets re-elected, expect him to declare he has received yet another mandate to do whatever he pleases. This will permit him . . . to appoint more czars at much higher salaries than before. Who knows how many czars there presently are, what their salaries are and what they are supposed to be doing. Romney has a great solution. He will fire all of the czars the day he is sworn in.
  • Kudos to the Sunday article about Teddy Roosevelt, arguably our greatest president. When the Republicans did not re-nominate him 100 years ago, could you say he was the first victim of the old neocons?
  • USA Today newspaper of Oct. 22, 2012, reports that gas prices are expected to drop over the next few weeks. If you blamed President Obama for high prices earlier this year, you will certainly give him credit for the anticipated drop. No? . . . Is that Fox News I hear in the background?
  • To the misinformed caller, the coal mines will eventually shut down whether President Obama is re-elected or not, and he doesn't care about your Bible or your guns and he is not after your freedoms. Find some other lies you can throw out there.
  • Why would anyone vote for Shelley Moore Capito or any Republican? For four years, they have done everything in their power to cause the United States to fail. They take an oath to protect America, but they vote  . . . no to every bill that would create jobs and pledge allegiance to Grover Norquist.
  • Mitt Romney claims to "love" teachers, but he apparently thinks that teachers' unions are too powerful. I wonder who he thinks formed and belong to those unions?
  • I'm personally not really concerned who uses the special capital gains tax rate. If it's legitimate income, then it should be taxed at the same rate people who actually work for a living pay. Just another example of how special interest groups have totally messed up the tax code.
  • This is a real train wreck in Morgantown. One that we will be a long time recovering from. Nearly $30 million has been spent in the last two years to get us to where we are now -- the laughingstock of college football.
  • It appears we WVU fans were too quick to anoint Geno Smith and the Mounties. We know there is much talent at Morgantown, but very little progress is being shown. I trust the coming weeks will show an improvement in the play and coaching of our blue and gold.
  • Everybody go online at, watch the super video and vote for Thomas Health Systems' entry in a contest to win $10,000 for the West Virginia Breast and Cervical Program. If you watch the video, you will vote. It is great!
  • I hope Mitt Romney wins the presidential election, because he's so rich that he can't be bought. Nobody's going to walk in there with a few million dollars and buy him like they do now.
  • Please tell your children to look both ways before they cross the street, even if the school bus is around. We need to get rid of that false sense of security that nothing will happen to them.
  • Concerning the folks with the known drug dealers supporting someone for public office, should we be concerned? No. Should you be decided? Yes. Definitely decided on who not to vote for.
  • I think Eva Longoria should be fired. She has a dirty gutter mouth and it's awful that she has said the things that she has about Gov. Romney. It's a shame she's so trashy.
  • I am nearly 80 years old, and all my life, just prior to election, Democrats try to scare elderly and the poor that, if Republicans get elected, they will take away their benefits. That has not and will never happen, but President Obama did take $716 billion out of Medicare for Obamacare -- and not a peep from the Democrats.
  • I thought Mitt Romney would do better in the foreign policy debate. He sends our jobs and his money, and wants to send our boys to other countries.
  • I'm curious to know if all of the people who are bashing the WVU football team ever played the game. You forget  . . . these are just young men, not a pro team. Give it a rest. You are really very boring!
  • Warning all gun owners, and hunters: Based on the oppressive restrictions he placed on gun owners in Massachusetts, Mitt Romney presents the most serious challenge to our Second Amendment rights of any presidential candidate in history.
  • Campaign advice to the president. When campaigning in West Virginia, wear a football or basketball uniform. You'll surely get more votes.
  • Article in the paper about money WVU football pulls into Morgantown with home games. Two weeks in a row, fans have lost interest before the third quarter. Until Wonder Boy figures out how to play defense, I don't see any sellouts for a while.
  • At this stage in the election campaign, anyone who says he is undecided is an idiot, moron or slippery West Virginia politician. And he could be all of the above.
  • Romney is certainly my choice for president. The thoughts of Obama and Biden sicken me. All Obama did during the debate was to interrupt and call Romney a liar. Obama has no record to stand on and we certainly need to get Biden voted out. He's all mouth and no brains.
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