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Readers' Voice: Dec. 19, 2012

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  •   Did you ever notice how many of today's problems never happened until they stopped putting toys in cereal boxes?
  •   To the [reader] who stated: "If that gas pipeline runs under the interstate, they built the road over it." Reports state the gas line was put in during the 1990s. As well as I can remember, I-77 was constructed in the late '70s or early '80s. And the gas line does in fact run under the interstate and a gas line also runs under the Crossings Mail at Elkview.  . . . Welcome to the real world.
  •   More guns, more guns . . . that seems to be the NRA and the Republicans' answer to problems in our society with massacres using firearms. It's time for this country to engage the NRA and Republicans to help with real solutions, not repetitious rhetoric.
  •   The only way I see the great Obama to ever cut spending is for us to go over the financial cliff. So if it makes him cut spending and gets even some of these deadbeats off of the working people's backs, then I say here we go! I'm ready to go off the cliff!
  •   How many union workers does it take to dig a ditch? One to bring the shovel. One to push the shovel into the soil. One to lift the shovel out of the soil. One to dump the shovel. And four to hold the shovel while the other four take a break.
  •   Senator Feinstein introduced anti-gun legislation while the rest of the country is still in mourning. That tells me the legislation was already written. She was just waiting for her golden opportunity.
  •   This terrible tragedy in Connecticut has not changed my views on gun ownership one bit. I have no problems with regulation or restrictions. I have no problem with registering my guns, I have no problem with background checks or waiting periods, or even having to have a license for certain types of weapons. But I would never support nor abide by an all-out ban.
  •   The second paragraph of the Union Mission story started out with a dangling what?
  •   Anybody that lives in St. Albans knows they light the cemetery on the first Saturday in December. It's been that way for years.
  •   If Eric Nelson gave to charity a half of what he spent to buy the election, this community would be a far better place.
  •   It seems so despicable for politicians to introduce anti-gun legislation while the rest of the country is in mourning. I may be forced to join the NRA.
  •   Never thought I would say this: I actually had to go to Fox for news and facts about Sandy Hook. Other stations are too busy promoting their opinions and what seems to be a preplanned agenda.
  •   Thanks, Joe, for sticking up for the majority of Americans who want gun control. Now we need some other politicians with some guts!
  •   I see the psychopathic and lumpish Republicans speaking daily against the defenseless poor in our society without just cause other than policies they themselves created. It's their financial policies that pay the poorest workers a minimum wage below the livable amount. Capito and the Tea Party of the GOP voted against a jobs bill that put us in this situation.
  •   Growing, up my family watched the Jackie Oblinger show. It was a local TV show on Channel 8 at the time. Can anyone tell me what ever happened to Ms. Oblinger?
  •   Republicans are the biggest stealers of our U.S. Treasury.
  •   I am very proud that I voted for George W. Bush twice. I would also have voted for him again over the bum we have in there now. Prior to 2000, I was registered a Democrat, but I could no longer stomach the direction that the Democrats were going and I left that party and have never been happier about the choice.
  •   To the uninformed Marshall fan who spouted off on Saturday that Marshall has won embarrassingly more football games than WVU: If you count the number of wins for both teams, you would see that WVU has won 131, and Marshall 119 in that time span. And we don't lose to "every 6-6 team coming and going in a bowl." We have won three BCS bowls. How many has Marshall won?
  •   Maybe it is time for a system to be set up where volunteer parents are assigned to patrol their children's schools a certain number of hours a month. Something has to be done.
  •   Where is the cowardly NRA during this tragedy?
  •   For the 11th consecutive year, Fox News is No. 1 in the ratings, proving once again that intelligent people are in the minority.
  •   To the person who said that the only reason Bill Clinton had a surplus when he left office was because he listened to his smart Republican Congress: George W. Bush had the same Republican Congress when he was selected president, so what happened? Duh.
  •   Manchin can sure detect when the wind is blowing another direction and he quickly jumps on to ride the wave. He dearly loves still being governor, as well. He just can't let go of it. Ah, politicians. You just have to enjoy their constant hypocrisy.
  •   Want another reason to detest Republicans? They are pro guns!
  •   The loss of life at Sandy Hook is a tragedy, but even more deaths have been caused by talking or texting on mobile phones while driving.
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