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Jan. 2, 2013: Society's values; W.Va. Intercollegiate Athletic Conference

Society's values are rotting from withinEditor:We care more about a "progressive" agenda than the life of a child. It is OK to pray for the dead Connecticut children, but you better not talk about having prayer or putting the Ten Commandments in their classroom. Don't even think about putting "thou shall not kill" in a little corner somewhere.It is truly disheartening that the very thing that might have saved the young Connecticut man from becoming a child-killing monster, we have made into a crime. But we can't have "that conversation" lest we might offend or infringe on someone rights. What was once considered in my childhood to be a noble thing is now an abomination.We kill unborn babies in the womb, we send thousands of young men and women to their deaths in meaningless and endless wars.  When are we going to have "that conversation." No my friends, we are the cause of this violence, not the inanimate mechanical scapegoats we conveniently blame. We are a people who have chosen to abandon ethics, morals and values. We no longer see the need to respect the sanctity of our Constitution, laws, borders, language and culture.Faith, personal responsibility, free speech and respect for the scientific method is openly mocked, ignored, suppressed and corrupted on a daily basis and if you say anything about it, you are labeled either racist or ignorant. I am not a Republican, a Christian nor an NRA member, but it is obvious that our society is rotting from the inside out.Von Albert EhmanCharleston 
Athletic conference should not be renamedEditor:It is distressing to me and hundreds of proud West Virginians that a decision has been made to rename the West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference the Mountain East Conference. How is it that the oldest athletic conference in the nation, established in 1924, can be so casually dropped in name without consideration of the traditions it has represented over the past 88 years?It brings to mind all the great coaches, athletic directors and athletes who have, and continue to, represent their institutions and the state with great distinction. To reorganize may be desirable, but to toss away the prestigious and legendary name seems unnecessary - and for what purpose?Two schools have decided to return to their Pennsylvania roots and three other out-of-state schools are planning to join us in West Virginia. Fine, but what about the 11 colleges and universities within our borders who represent every section of the state? Is this reorganization plan an exercise to exclude Alderson-Broaddus and Davis & Elkins, both proud banner carriers of the WVIAC over the years? Does someone think the structure and makeup of a small college conference must be a mirror image of a Big 12, a Big 10 or other division I conferences?A name change to drop "West Virginia" and re-name the conference "Mountain East" is an affront to all who love everything West Virginia.
Jim MarshBuckhannon 
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