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Jan. 25, 2013: Rape, race and Obama; Jesus; guns; Jay

Rape and God; race and ObamaEditor:As a descendant of three great-grandmothers who were victims of rape, I'm offended at the attitude that God played a positive role in the conceptions. It is disgusting, at best, and atrocious, and those who contend they believe and practice Christianity are as the Muslims who are terrorists.For those who question my assertions, look at the physical appearance of many blacks who were slaves. Women who were slaves couldn't deny their masters access to their bodies. Many of the women had just reached puberty. Many whites still feel that God bestowed them as superior to all other humans. Science does not support the claim that some races are biologically superior or inferior to others.Race is often confused with nationality. We must be careful and not forget the Nazi regime that claimed the Aryan race was pure and what happened. The Obama administration has done much to heal the animus against America.The BBC polled 21 nations about the American election. All conceded that Obama has been good for the United States.Joan Porter GreenCharleston Appreciate the life Jesus has given youEditor:Jesus Christ loves each and everyone of us. US is in his name. He died for all our sins. No matter your situation, please appreciate life and the one and only who gave that special gift to each and everyone of us. Be glad you were born into this world. God does have a special plan for your life. Remember, precious baby Jesus was born in a manger and he is now our living King, greater than all mankind.Some who are homeless may feel hopeless. No, it is only a temporary state. Soon, there will be eternal life. Wonderful to look onward and beyond your pain suffering and heartaches. Stay strong.I was born at a Salvation Army Hospital that is still standing. Someday, in God's perfect timing, maybe they will have a birthday reunion to celebrate those still living and their moms and dads. Life is to be celebrated. Celebrate Jesus everyday, and appreciate the life he has given to you sacrificially from a true love for you.
I'm proud that I was born in West Virginia.Betty Janice DooleyOrlando, Fla.
 Legal gun owners treated as criminals Editor:
Seventy-five percent of all handguns and half of all long guns purchased by legal gun owners are common, modern, semi-automatic firearms. They are not military-grade, fully automatic assault weapons.If Sen. Dianne Feinstein's "assault weapons" bill passes, it would ban the sale, transfer, importation and manufacture of 120 specifically named semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and handguns, along with all detachable magazines holding more than 10 rounds and having at least one "military characteristic" - which could mean just about anything that makes a gun "look scary."It would force owners of all "grandfathered" weapons to undergo an intrusive background check and unnecessary fingerprinting. It would also force them to federally register their grandfathered guns after obtaining local law enforcement permits showing that their guns are not in violation of state or local law.Logically, the ban would lead to federal registration of all firearms, their eventual confiscation, and demise of the Second Amendment and the legitimate firearms industry in our county.In a nutshell, the ban views all law-biding citizens as potential criminals and treats them as such. To lump law-abiding citizens in with criminals and crazy people who use firearms illegally is unconstitutional, intellectually dishonest and morally corrupt.Von Albert EhmanCharleston Veterans will miss Sen. RockefellerEditor:What a sad day for our veterans in West Virginia that Sen. Rockefeller is retiring. He is one of the best senators who goes above and beyond for our veterans. Who's going to stand in the gap for us now?We veterans pray that another Democrat that cares for us and treats all veterans equally will run. Especially we hope that their office staff will have proper etiquette when it comes to addressing veterans and their needs when they visit the office.If there's anyone who can run against Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, please do so. I don't see her having the needs of veterans to heart. Please think about how we are being mistreated already and what an emotional rollercoaster it would be if she becomes senator. It's just another notch for her to put in her belt with no concern for us veterans.Lisa GrovesDunbar
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