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Readers' voice: Jan. 25, 2013

n This is a serious question: In the Martin Luther King Day editorial, you wrote that he was killed by white bigots. As far as I know, James Earl Ray acted alone and he was the only one who was convicted of the murder. Is there some history I missed? Please let me know.
  • Who believes that the president doesn't give special favors to all these people that donate big money to his inauguration? He gives them all kinds of special deals, like no taxes. You name it, it's there.
  • Shame on WCHS-TV 8 news at 6 p.m. for doing a "news" story about a local woman in the running for Playmate of the Year for "Playboy" magazine. That's an adult magazine and it has no business being on the 6 p.m. news.
  • Dr. Marple did not resign. She was fired. Wake up, you sleepy heads.
  • The Friends of Coal is just like the NRA, a bunch of suits and ties pretending to be working people trying to help working people. Both organizations are political frauds.
  • How offensive that a reader calls the president a moron? He brought expanded health care and is ending the Bush wars. He signed the pay-equity bill. He got us out of the latest recession. Why are you against progress?
  • There are only three things that I am 100 percent sure about: death, taxes and Casey Anthony's guilt.
  • Where is Doug Harlow now? Why doesn't Channel 8 keep us and the rest of the public informed?
  • When people carry loaded weapons on campus, as they did at the Texas college earlier this week, the chances that someone will try to settle an argument with a shootout greatly increase. It's a basic math issue of probability: the more guns out there, the more gun deaths and injury will occur. And innocent people get hurt in the crossfire.
  • Two things should be abundantly clear to anyone who has been paying attention. No. 1: Our elected officials, for their own benefit, sometimes deliberately tell us lies, and sometimes deliberately don't tell us things we should know. No. 2: Our media are complicit.
  • Home No. 1 has NRA stickers in the window. Home No. 2 has anti-gun stickers in the window. You are a thief, burglar and rapist. Which home would you break into?
  • I agree that "The West Virginia Hills" needs replaced. But "Country Roads" is a terrible choice for a state song. It is not even about West Virginia. Except for a tiny slice in the Eastern Panhandle, the Blue Ridge Mountains <t40>...<t$> are in Virginia, not West Virginia. Many years ago, Hazel Dickens wrote and recorded "West Virginia, My Home." Listen to it once and you will pick that one.
  • Don't you just love it? With all this gun controversy going on and all the comments in the newspaper, Sylvester Stallone has a new movie out in the midst of it all called "Bullet to the Head." You've got to laugh.
  • To the person in Monday's Readers' Voice who said they would be proud to have Joe Manchin run for and win the presidency. Well, you're way over in left field. But don't worry, you'll probably see Joe over there because he will probably be wandering around like he always does. He gets nothing done.
  • Marshall has four former players in the Super Bowl, both with the Ravens and San Francisco. Only Miami and Oregon have more players than Marshall. That's not too bad for a small school is it, Mountaineer fans? By the way, where is Noel Devine?
  • I hate Dutch Miller commercials.
  • To anybody who wants to see the infrastructure rebuilt in the United States, I would love to see it, too. I'd love to see better roads. But I don't think China will loan us the money and we're not printing money fast enough, so how are we going to rebuild our infrastructure?
  • Is it true that Medicare and Social Security are going to be cut? I got a call from Washington, D.C., a while ago saying to call Senator Manchin.
  • One thing was proven in this last election, it wasn't bought. If it were, Romney would be president. One rich Republican spent $52 million on Romney, yet they would cry about paying their fair share of taxes.
  • To those who think that the government should only pay as they go or do without, the U.S. government borrowed millions of dollars to fund World War II. Should they have said, "Sorry, we just can't afford to fight both the Japanese and the Nazis at the same time"?
  • The crisis of the day is Beyoncé lip-syncing at the Inauguration. She's saying she's like Milli Vanilli. Let's get this straight. It was a recording of her own voice. With Milli Vanilli, it was somebody else.
  • If Capito wins Rockefeller's seat, West Virginia is in trouble. That's right, I forgot, West Virginians don't learn from their mistakes.
  • I think it's a shame that parents in Kanawha County have to send their kids out so early in the mornings when others schools are on a two-hour delay. I think our schools in Kanawha County should be just as equal as other counties, unless there is a large snow.
  • Does anyone know if ObamaCare is going to make all employers have health insurance for the employees, even in restaurants?
  • Someone wondered who would call Obama a moron? Someone who doesn't look through rose-colored glasses, sweetheart. Call them as you see them.
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