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Readers' Voice: Jan. 30, 2013

  • When is a school going to be named for Booker T. Washington? He was the most noted educator to come from West Virginia and Kanawha County.
  • Anyone thinking about ordering one of the induction cook tops that you see on TV commercials had better check to see how much the S&P charges are first.
  • If I am having a private conversation about my disdain for the liberal way of thinking and you choose to interject your warped way of thinking, don't be surprised when I loudly chastise you and hand you your hat.
  • The person who said an assault rifle was not used to kill the 20 kids in Newtown was wrong. An assault rifle was used in all the deaths. Quit listening to right-wing nuts and do a little research.
  • The name for the new elementary school on Charleston's West Side on Edgewood Drive should be named for Carl "Dot" Young. He received his nickname at Robins Elementary when the two consolidated schools. He coached and taught at Stonewall Jackson High School. He was principal at Charleston High School and then was an assistant superintendent -- one of Kanawha County's great men and educators.
  • More city funds and now the united fund for painting interstate support pillars. This is ridiculous when we have drug dealers walking the streets, policemen getting injured. We need more police. We need more body armor. We definitely don't need paint on concrete pillars.
  • In the Jan. 28 edition of The Charleston Gazette on Page 3A there are three stabbings reported, all separate incidents. Are we now going to ban knives?
  • Instead of spending all that money making sure trees don't overgrow the power lines, utility companies should spend the money needed to bury the power lines so, in the future, we don't have storm-related power failures.
  • Why do most people who claim to be Christians voluntarily work on Sunday? I understand if your job requires you to work, but I don't understand people who say they're Christians mowing their lawns and things like that when the Bible plainly says not to work on Sunday. It's confusing.
  • Happy day for Phil Kabler, for showing us what the new attorney general is really here for. All the man has done is look for ways to trash Darrell McGraw. He has no interest in keeping the bills paid or protecting the consumer.
  • Math tells us that limiting the number of guns sold will have a limiting effect on mass shootings. But given the number of guns in America today, not much of an effect. So the solution, if there is one, lies in a combination of gun limitations, background checks and better mental-health screening and reporting. And those precautions will probably not completely stop mass shootings, just limit them.
  • Gun nuts heckled the father of one of the children killed in Newtown over his views on guns. That shows their class and character. Disgusting.
  • Possible Gazette report? Doctors who are reluctant to prescribe painkillers, anti anxiety [pills] and anti depressants because of DEA witch-hunts!
  • You know, I was thinking about Lance Armstrong and they wanted him to give back his medal he won in the 2000 Olympics. Should the East Germans give back everything they won in the '60s?
  • My 1 1/2 year old pug mix has been missing from the Green Valley Drive area in St. Albans for more than a week. It is not in her nature to run off. If anyone has any details as to her whereabouts, please contact the number on the posters hung on Green Valley Drive or Lost and Found Dogs-West Virginia at 804-931-6605. Thank you.
  • It's amazing that we can't get anything printed <t40>...<t$> about the hard issues here at the DuPont Belle plant. Several people have been calling, but the comments are not getting addressed.
  • I guess when our elected officials give away our country to illegal immigrants, we can have a Spanish gang in every town and have shootouts every night.
  • I often wonder why the murderous drug Oxycontin was legal and pot wasn't. I guess it's because the pharmaceutical companies and the doctors and the politicians that get money donated to their re-elections don't make as much money off pot as they do Oxycontin, which is the most horrendous drug ever invented. What's up with that? Make pot legal.
  • Please take Honey Boo Boo off the air. I don't know who is worse, Honey Boo Boo or her mother. Someone should teach the child some manners -- and her mom, too.
  • Like father, like daughter: Shelley Moore Capito.
  • Whenever someone is shot, we hear all these cries about gun control. In the morning paper on Monday here, I saw three different stories about people being stabbed. Are we going to hear cries about taking away the knives, too?
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