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Readers' Voice: Feb. 6, 2013

n Joe Biden even finally came out and said that banning these guns are not going to prevent any more massacres. I like what one sheriff said, that blaming the gun for all these killings is like blaming a spoon for fat people.
  • There is no way I will vote for a sheriff that thinks he is the interpreter of the law. He is put in his position to see that the laws are obeyed. His personal opinion is not to be counted. I will never vote for a sheriff that says, "I will not follow the law."
  • I wonder how much the NRA and the weapons and ammo makers are paying the president for putting on this gun and ammo hoax. You know, it's so the sales would go through the roof.
  • I have never understood why basketball coaches wear suits and ties to a ballgame. After all, it is sports. Wonder what they wear to a wedding or a funeral? Maybe their sweatshirts and jeans.
  • It's all over the news everywhere in the newspaper. We're fighting obesity at home and in schools, but there are some schools who still put sugar on children's cereal. Why is that allowed?
  • Smiles and scowls is indicative of the warped reporting of the Gazette to the few sheriffs who would disobey federal law.
  • What became of Deborah Linz on WCHS-TV news?
  • I wouldn't vote for Joe Manchin for a Democratic president. He needs to run as a Republican president. That's where his thoughts are.
  • Yes, on the meth lab thing, I used to work in a place of business. If you see them coming in buying quantities of batteries, ice packs and Sudafed, then you know they're making meth, and there's no law on the batteries and the ice packs.
  • You know, I got to thinking. Education is the only field that you can work in and be a complete failure and still get a pay raise. Oh . . . finance, too.
  • Regarding one of the [readers'] calls about Frontier and the Internet service and the rudeness of their employees, I too have encountered this and think it is very sad that a company is allowed to operate under these conditions and treating their customers this way.
  • After reading the Gazette's lead editorial on Feb. 2, all Christian and Jewish businesses and institutions should withdraw their support from this rag of a newspaper.
  • Reverse mortgages. Ha! As quick as our socialist government can confiscate our guns and take our property, they'll have us exactly where they want us. China will be elated. Everything anymore has the taste and smell of a conspiracy.
  • The Republican Congress knows West Virginia voters don't know the meaning of entitlements, so they don't tell them it's their Social Security and Medicare they want to do away with. Every plan the Republicans have hurts West Virginia people, yet they vote for the abuse?
  • WCHS radio: Thank goodness Michael Agnello has been replaced with Dave Weekley. I couldn't stand listening to that whinny-Rush-wannabe. I know he is on later, but I'm home at 6 p.m. and unless West Virginia is playing ball, the radio is off.
  • I'd like to thank President Obama for helping us identify the dangerous and mentally ill sheriffs that our tax dollars are supporting. Let's protect our citizens by getting them out of office and into treatment.
  • You can imagine a collection of facts to be like a pile of stones. Liberals will use those facts the way a geologist will use the pile of stones. Conservatives will use the same facts the way a vandal will use the pile of stones.
  • After following Tom McGee for so many years on the various TV stations, I was so pleased to read of his achievements. He was always my favorite newsman, even when he had his problems. Kudos to him for fulfilling his dream.
  • Jorea Marple and Darrell McGraw: together their pensions equal more than $15,000. And Social Security is an entitlement?
  • Just when I think Mitch McConnell cannot do anything more to prove he is the worst senator in modern history -- he opens his mouth again and surprises me.
  • I want a job where I can get all my expenses paid. I can get my girlfriend a job and pay my son for bogus contracts. What's Workforce WV's phone number?
  • Last week, I saw something very interesting on the Outdoor Channel. I was watching Mark Zona's fishing show and his guest was Randy Moss, the great receiver from Dupont. But the strange thing about the show was Randy was wearing a WVU Mountaineer hat the whole time. I wonder why it wasn't a Marshall hat.
  • Concerning Putnam County Sheriff DeWeese not enforcing federal gun laws, is he aware of his oath of office, i.e. to honor, obey and enforce the laws of the United States of America? The state of West Virginia? Seems like a recall or a nonfeasance lawsuit is in order.
  • Apparently, the editors of the Gazette don't read their own articles. What I read was that the sheriffs in this area would not enforce Obama's so-called laws. They will enforce the laws based on the Constitution.
  • If Fox had a local evening news from 6:30 to 7 p.m., most people could learn the truth about the lies the other stations tell. It would sure be a help to the public.
  • Is nothing private anymore? Why was it necessary to print the retirement amount for Jorea Marple and Darrell McGraw? Money they earned. Would you like for your retirement to be made public?
  • Abortion is murder. It has taken the lives of more kids than any gun ever will. You stupid people bickering about a gun: think about what you're doing when you . . . have a baby killed.
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