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Readers' Voice: Feb. 27, 2012

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email• I would like to show my appreciation for the ladies who work in the women's department of the Hurricane Walmart who helped me when someone took my shopping cart while I was in the fitting room. They found my items, which had been dumped in the next aisle, and even got me another cart.• Would the NRA agree to a tax on gun sales to fund the armed guards in every school? Just sayin' . . .• Americans will one day look back in horror that, in the name of liberty, it was acceptable for citizens, regardless of capability, to possess weapons designed solely for combat.• MSNBC has produced a documentary called "Hubris," in which they detail how Americans were tricked, by our government and our media, into a war with Iraq with lies about "Weapons of Mass Destruction." In 10 more years, we'll get one about how Americans were tricked, by our government and our media, into a war with Iran with lies about a "nuclear weapons program."• Sequestration. A big word but it brings cuts to the federal government. I like it.• In a recent letter to the editor the writer suggested that Putin hire Mr. Romney to help run the Olympics in Russia. A better suggestion would be for Obama to hire Romney to help straighten out the U.S. economy since Obama seemingly has no clue as to what should be done. Had Romney been elected, our nation would already be well on its way to a better economy.• People sure got duped when they voted for Attorney General Patrick Morrisey. He isn't going to do anything for the people of West Virginia.
• Isn't it funny how conservatives get all ruffled at Obama, who didn't even know about "Fast and Furious" where they allowed Mexicans to buy street-legal small arms, but they just love Reagan, who personally approved the sale of advanced military arms to the ayatollahs in Iran and the mujahaddin in Afghanistan?• I bet the woman with the dirt under her nails, someone wrote today that it was because she didn't have nail polish on. You don't have to have nail polish on or off to see dirt under somebody's nails. That was plain dirt.• Girl Scouts are evil. They go around pushing these cookies every year, and we have a runaway epidemic of obesity and diabetes and heart disease and they are doing nothing but contribute more to it. I think it's awful. We should follow the mayor of New York's example and ban Girl Scout cookies. Stop the madness.• My objection to the policies of Obama does not translate into support for Republican policies. I think Obama is every bit as bad as President Bush was, and perhaps a little worse. After 16 years of mediocre and lousy leadership, we find our country deep in debt, mired in foreign wars and receiving less respect on the world stage than we ever have had. Talk about a quarter of a century of poor leadership. What's going to happen next?• What is Natalie Tennant, Secretary of State, up to, trying to claim in the paper that we don't have a voter fraud problem in West Virginia and then having her husband attack the attorney general, Patrick Morrisey? My goodness. Sounds like she's positioning herself for some kind of run and also that she's questionably qualified for it.• Good morning. Do you know why the chicken crossed the road? Because it built a bike path on the other side.• The answer to the question of how to control gun violence is really very simple. When someone buys a gun, just issue one bullet with it to carry like Sheriff Andy Taylor did with Barney Fife.
• To all the fine upstanding Christian people out there that are Democrats or whatever they are that voted for Obama, I hope you're watching this because he's asking the Supreme Court to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act, saying marriage between a male and a female. So I hope all you people are quite happy.
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