Readers' Voice: April 24, 2013

• The person who said the solution to declining church attendance was for the pastor and church people to visit and invite the unsaved is wrong. We adults know and understand what is in churches and we'll go if we desire.• Joe Manchin: My new hero for standing up to the "take no prisoners" NRA bullies.• Just think , if the runners in the Boston Marathon had been armed the bombs would not have exploded. Join the NRA today.• I think Congressperson Capito should stop criticizing the Affordable Care Act by using the same stale talking points that she's been dangling out there for years. Stop with the tired conservative scare tactics already.• Mr. Lee, the only surprising thing in "Losing Faith in the School Board" is the use of the present participle. Most education professionals lost faith a long time ago, when it became clear that the Manchin appointees have only disrespect for the people who actually work with children in schools.• Sen. Joe Manchin is just now finding out that the NRA leaders are a bunch of liars. Hey, Joe, where have you been for the past few years?• Somebody needs to explain to the Logan County teachers the Constitution of the United States. They obviously don't understand "We the people" or the First Amendment.• Regarding that hideous pile of pallets at the Union Mission on South Park Road, that is considered a dump in the eyes of the state DEP. If that mess was on my property, I would be fined, made to clean it up and likely go to jail.• It's not 11 a.m. yet and I have already seen two very close calls on the interstate by texting drivers. Scary stuff. • Does the NRA know that the majority of people in this country think they are a joke? They belong on the Three Stooges show.• Old man winter ain't going anywhere. I can see it now. Fourth of July, all be sitting around with winter coats drinking some hot chocolate or hot toddies.• With the ridiculous amount of money we're paying Holgorsen for winning games, I wonder if he got a bonus for the scrimmage today. He's making way too much money and not producing.• In view of recent events, let's have a citizen army in this country. Let's everybody who wants to volunteer, just like the National Guard, go to meetings, train, and interact regularly with the regular army and that way we would be safer.• As far as letting Obama act as George Washington and leading his troops, where was Bush when we invaded Iraq?
• I am sure that the Obama media is trying desperately to find a way to blame President Bush for the Boston massacre.
• I seen the other day where Danny Jones was patting himself on the back for taking the B&O tax off of manufacturers in Charleston. Here's news for you, Danny. There was no manufacturing left. If you want to do something positive, just quit.• It was nice to see the picture of Summers Street in 1960 before the idiots tore down the most beautiful theaters and places Charleston had to offer. Now it's plain and ugly. I hope they're happy.• I get so sick of every Sunday there's something about someone in South Hills in Life & Style. Do you all do any articles besides South Hills people, because some of us do our own yard work and would like to be in the paper?• Come to your senses, Democrats. We're not buying it. We're not buying your issue on gun control.• I hope the readers of the Gazette realize what a treasure Richard Andre's feature is. I'm always mystified that so few other newspapers try to do anything similar.• I have lived here for 47 years and when I moved here I had a brick sidewalk where weeds grow between the bricks. I have never used a weed killer. I buy cheap salt and sprinkle in there and it kills the weeds and it doesn't harm the honeybees and stuff.
• Electric companies, Appalachian Power, wants their customers to pay for clearing the right of ways. What would they say if the landowners wanted Appalachian companies to pay for their right of ways?• If I hadn't already been using Tums for my 75 years, I would be turned completely against them by the horrible slapping commercials that are on the air now.• I am glad to read that lacrosse is coming to the valley. Congratulations to George Washingotn's principal and athletic director for their encouragement in this sport. I hope farsighted Hurricane High School personnel will follow their example.• I see severe flooding in Peoria, Illinois, on the Missouri River. There is less garbage on that large river than there is in the little creek in my backyard in Wyoming County. We are litterbugs.• Those students at George Washington who were opposed to that lady speaker about sex remind me of smokers that don't want to hear anti-smoking commercials and people with diabetes who aren't compliant.• People nowadays want way more from the medical system than can actually deliver it to them. They don't want medical care. They want mommy back again.• Well, I'm sure glad that the young man from Logan wasn't wearing a NASCAR T-shirt. I guess he would have been arrested for no license, no proof of insurance, probably speeding. Stupidest things happen in West Virginia.• My hats off to the teenager down at the Logan school system that stood up for his constitutional rights. I was once a member of the NRA when I was about his age, 14. Hang right in there, son.
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