April 25, 2013: MTR mining; discrimination in W.Va.

Mountaintop removal has my supportEditor:I support mountaintop removal because West Virginia needs coal.West Virginia needs coal for jobs. Hundreds of people make money and provide for their family because of coal mining. Yes, coal mining is a huge hazard, but it provides heat to tons of people. It has killed people, but a lot of people would starve and die without the benefits they receive from coal. Yes, it destroys the mountain; but people destroy the land with sky scrappers and new buildings all the time. There is really no difference between mountaintop removal and building a skyscraper.Coal helps West Virginia as a state because it funds jobs. We sell coal to other countries, which provides us with money. I support mountaintop removal!Makayla Smith8th-grade student at Calhoun Middle/High SchoolMillstone I am against mountaintop removalEditor:I do not support mountaintop removal. The tops of the mountains fall in to streams and pollute the water. The dust from the blasts dirties cars and houses. The runoff from mountaintop removal causes floods. The pollution could cause illnesses for people who live near the streams. The dust covering the cars and houses takes time to clean. Flooding caused by mountaintop removal could leave people stuck inside their homes for days.In the end, mountaintop removal causes many problems. The runoff from mountaintop removal should be prevented from entering streams and rivers. I suggest that they warn the residents of towns prior to when they blast so that they can prepare for the shake that occurs with the blast.Hannah Allen
8th-grade student at Calhoun Middle/High SchoolChloe Mountinatop removal a necessity in W.Va.
Editor:Mountaintop removal is a big topic in West Virginia. Many people are all for taking the top off a mountain. Others would rather save the environment instead of create jobs for West Virginians. I support it all the way.
Coal is a major resource here in the great state of West Virginia. There are three different techniques to get coal from the earth. There is a controversy over whether mountaintop removal should be an option. I believe that it is important to our state. If mountaintop removal did not exist, there would not nearly be as many jobs in the state of West Virginia. There is no reason to put families in poverty just because you do not want a little dirt in your water. Dirt has never killed anyone when consumed.In conclusion, I believe mountaintop removal is a major necessity for West Virginia. We would be poorer than we already are without it.Seth Moore8th-grade student at Calhoun Middle/High SchoolChloe Discrimination alive and strong in W.Va.Editor:Discrimination is alive and strong in West Virginia.Six weeks ago I phoned a wildlife removal company because a possum decided to take up residence under our deck and torment the indoor cat at the glass patio door and the dog's sense of smell. This company claimed to be committed to relocating unwanted animals to more natural habitats. I spoke to the owner who assured me he would be here the next day to set a trap. We waited over a week and still no trap, but more possum visits.So I called again. The owner apologized for the delay, saying he had gotten involved with some large jobs and if I would text him the information he would make sure to be here the next day.After three more weeks and the possum becoming more aggressive, I sent the text again. To my surprise, he phoned and informed me that he had no interest in taking the job.After my shock wore off, I realized that he is one of the good ol' boys who feels it necessary to return a gay man to his place.That company should realize that we gay men no longer live in the shadows. We own large businesses. We pay taxes. We devote our time and talents to our communities and therefore have a large number of friends and colleagues to whom we relate our experiences.I almost forgot to mention how he realized we are gay. We proudly fly the rainbow flag along with the U.S. flag at our East End home.Frank GuthrieCharleston
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