April 26, 2013: Veterans; Guantanamo

Help veterans as Medical Foster HomeEditor:We would like to share information about a new and exciting program available through the Huntington VA Medical Center called the Medical Foster Home Program.It began at the Huntington VAMC in 2010 to serve an aging population of Korean War and Vietnam War veterans. The Medical Foster Home Program is an alternative for veterans who are at risk for nursing home placement, or those who can no longer live alone due to medical conditions.Through this program, the veteran lives in the home of an approved caregiver and pays a monthly fee to the caregiver for his or her care. In return, the caregiver provides a private bedroom, meals and snacks, around-the-clock supervision and assistance with daily living needs. Moreover, this program affords the veteran the opportunity to live in a family home with a warm and loving environment. The program coordinator provides support to the caregiver through regular visits and the veteran's primary-care needs are provided by the VA Home Based Primary Care team.In 2012, the program was expanded, and we are currently seeking caregiver homes to serve veterans in the Huntington and Charleston areas. Medical Foster Homes must be located within 40 miles of the Huntington VA Medical Center on Spring Valley Drive or within 25 miles of the Charleston Community Based Outpatient Center in Kanawha City. All caregivers must go through an application and approval process, and homes must meet safety and cleanliness requirements.If anyone has an interest in becoming a Medical Foster Home caregiver, he or she may contact one of our Medical Foster Home coordinators, at 304-429-6741 or toll free 800-827-8244. Trina Touchton is the coordinator for the Huntington area and can be reached at extension 2725. Suzanne Luck is the coordinator for the Charleston area and can be reached at extension 2278. Office hours are Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.Trina Touchton
HuntingtonSuzanne LuckCharleston Why do news media ignore Guantanamo?Editor:On day 56 of the Guantanamo hunger strike, with over half of the prisoners having been cleared for release, with some being force-fed by tubes down their throats, with the story being worldwide news, with protests at U.S. embassies, U.S. media say not a word. You are either remarkably uniformed or remarkably obedient.
David RyanSpencer
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