May 10, 2013: Socialist Obama; Capitol Steps review; thanks; Humane Association

Obama wants to make us a socialist nationEditor:Going into the fifth year of his presidency, Barack Obama's major secular/socialist policy initiatives are unraveling at the seams.They are huge expensive/expansive machinations that cannot be understood or explained, much less managed or controlled, and they will bring the country to a state of fiscal chaos if allowed to continue.Our president's policies are, in reality, nothing more than incremental socialist mechanisms of control that have nothing to do with making anything better and are more in line with tearing down our existing republic and starting over with something completely foreign to our way of life.It is no mystery that our president seems distant and completely oblivious to the damage being done to our nation, because that is his goal - to break the spirit of the people to the point of desperation, to the point where they will cave to whatever madness he deems appropriate for the good of the "collective."I refer to the president's entire agenda as a "crisis management of artificially created nightmares" designed to scare the people into making irrational choices that, under stable conditions they normally would not make, for the purpose of getting them to voluntarily relinquish their freedoms.President Obama said he wanted to "fundamentally" change the country and that he believed in the "redistribution of wealth." The powers-that-be do not want to improve this economy; their goal is to create a totally different country.Are we so ignorant or blind that we cannot see this?Von Albert EhmanCharleston Capitol Steps reviewer has no sense of humor Editor:I read the review of the Capitol Steps performance in the Gazette and, since I attended the performance, I had to write to the paper. I sat with a group of friends and the performance was very funny. We all enjoyed it and, by the laughter at the Clay Center, so did almost everyone else.
I just have to say, if they return to Charleston, please send someone to do the review who understands satire and has a sense of humor.Becky NelsonSouth Charleston Scathing Capitol Steps review not felt by all
The scathing review of The Capitol Steps by Autumn Hopkins seethed with a hostility that was clearly not felt by the large and appreciative crowd of laughing and applauding West Virginians in the Clay Center.True, Ms. Hopkins is entitled to her opinions and, true, she can choose not to see the troupe in the future; the outrageous (outrageously hilarious for most of us) humor of The Capitol Steps is not for everyone. But I'm willing to bet that the other thousand or so folks in the room that night left there wanting more and headed to the Steps' website to purchase a couple of their CDs or to find them on YouTube, just to be able to have a few more hearty laughs.Edgar F. "Hike" Heiskell IIICharleston Thanks to cyclist for help after fallEditor:One Tuesday afternoon I tripped on a sidewalk on 46th Street and MacCorkle Avenue in Kanawha City and fell onto MacCorkle Avenue. A lady dropped her bike and helped me.Nobody got out of his car to help. I'm 80 years old and she was like an angel. I thank her so much for her help.Ann M. DavisCharleston Humane Association needs outside reviewEditor:The Kanawha Charleston Humane Association Board of Directors has a responsibility to see that the association is run effectively, humanely and stays financially solvent. If these conditions are not met and maintained, the stability of the Kanawha Charleston Humane Association would be affected.Policies and procedures should be followed and maintained to ensure these objectives.A review of operations by an outside source would provide the Board of Directors with a total overview of what needs to be done to keep the facility and organization solvent and stable for many years to come. Bio security and infection control have already been addressed by an outside source. This is not "the old" versus "the new," just good business.Georgia HessTornado
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