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Readers' Voice: May 15, 2013

• It seems that, in your haste to portray all things bad in the U.S. as coming from the GOP, you neglected to include one small item in your list of CIA abuses and bungles -- a little matter called the Bay of Pigs.• A note to the critic of General Lee: For the record, Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and all the rest of our Founding Fathers were also rebels and traitors, who committed treason -- and you're probably glad that they did.• It's nice to see that the old Murad's in Kanawha City is reopening. But what's with all the hoo-ha over calling it the state's first "gastropub?" It's basically a bar that also sells food. So is it really going to be much different from any other generic sports bar?• The military is consulting with those openly hostile toward Christianity and there are measures being advanced to muzzle those of the Christian faith and deny them the right to share the message of Jesus Christ.• To those of you out there who like to drink before you drive or text while you're driving, please do us all a favor and stay off the highways. Driving is dangerous enough while sober and paying attention to the road.• The National Transportation Safety Board has just recommended that the legal limit for drinking and driving be reduced from 0.08 to 0.05. I guarantee that the "family values" Republicans will be against this because it will hurt the alcohol industry and Republicans always care more about business than "family values."• Is anybody else sick of watching the Kardashians and the reruns of "How I Met Your Mother," and also the alleged History Channel showing these shows about these horrible men, they shoot animals they don't need to shoot. Come on, Suddenlink.• Those IRS thugs that discriminate against the tea party should be put in jail and locked up for a long time. This is just an example of how corrupt this administration is.
• Have you ever noticed how one person always steps up when there's a need for family care? I've had family members who live 10 or 20 minutes away text me regarding family members. That's really caring.• That Boston bomber, they should have put him in the ocean like they did bin Laden.• More young people are killed texting while driving than with gun violence, yet more attention is directed at guns.• With all of the sports networks they've got in the world, they have to take up the time on the local stations for ball games and stuff like that. I wish the SEC would regulate that.• If people truly acted like animals, the world would be a better place. Animals have much better morals and values than humans will ever have.• President Obama's bunch can lie 40 ways from Sunday to the media about Benghazi or the IRS, no problem.• Your paper today printed the most truth that I've ever seen about the phony baloney that they've placed in our Attorney General's Office. It's the most truthful article that's been printed in your paper in many a day. I wish everybody could read it.
• To the person who said, when we go to church we should thank God for sending us President Obama, shame on you.• Mr. Kabler hit it right in his morning piece about West Virginia, the best government lunches can buy.
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