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June 21, 2013: Constitutional rights; tax-dollar waste

Traitors, professor? Were Paine, Adams, etc.? Editor:I was torn between amusement and indignation by the professor who said people who might feel justified to rebel against the government and defend their rights would be traitors.I certainly hope this professor is not teaching civics, law or history to any uninformed students.Certainly, he is showing a total disregard (if not contempt) for the laws and history of this country. The first principle of our government is that it be representative -- that the powers of government are derived from the consent of the governed -- NOT from an imperial dictate. Yet, we are seeing that the federal government is arrogating all power to itself, with citizens being reduced to subjects. Illegal, unwarranted spying, threats and harassment of people or organizations disfavored by the government -- once we scorned the communist governments for this very thing.Perhaps Mr. Professor has forgotten those American traitors Washington, Adams, Paine, Jefferson and all -- traitors who opposed the acts of their legal governors, properly appointed by the king. Would he have supported the arrest and imprisonment (or drawing and quartering) of those troublemakers? A minor inconvenience of taxing sales, restricting exports of "inferior" American products, quartering of government troops in American homes (providing security against terrorists, otherwise known as Indians) -- why should any American rise up against a properly constituted government, simply because it did not recognize or consider the wishes of its subjects? George McKinneyHurricane 
Taxpayers' money wasted on the illogical peopleEditor:Somebody -- anybody -- please explain why taxpayer money, in the form of FEMA, is constantly being used to rebuild people's homes in any historical tornado alley. Has common sense flown out the window here? It is clear, elected congressional members get television time when a disaster occurs in their state. But what I want to know is how many times are we expected to shell out our money, in tax and donation form, to people who refuse to move to safer areas.Congress refuses to pass laws to ensure a healthy environment for the masses, yet, it continues to dole out funds to rebuild homes where homes never should have been built. If you live close to the ocean, expect to one day be flooded. Live in an area called "Tornado Alley," one needs to either move or pray.
Throughout history, past presidents and congressional members have given free land to the privileged. Now, everyone who makes illogical decisions concerning their own safety, end up on the welfare roll called FEMA.The tea party shouts "less government," but only when bad choices by adults continue to burden the pockets of their fellow Americans.Donna WillisInstitute
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