June 23, 2013: Freedom of expression

Logan County boy's rights to expression deniedEditor:I'm writing to comment on the harassment/denial of constitutional rights of Jared Marcum in Logan County. Although his story has been ignored by the West Virginia press, it is starting to get notice on the Internet, due to the heavy-handed tactics of the Logan school system, sheriff and court system. Mr. Marcum was exercising his right to a political opinion when he wore to school a shirt supporting the NRA and the second amendment. After a confrontation with his principal, he was arrested. Marcum is threatened with a $500 fine and up to a year in prison, with charges that he was resisting and obstructing an officer.How do you obstruct an officer by wearing a shirt? You stand up and maintain your rights to an opinion. The sheriff's office was also threatening to charge Marcum with being a terrorist.
If the principal and Logan police are terrorized by a teenage boy with the will to stand up for his rights, maybe we need a more fearless class of police and public employees (although we pay their salaries, we will not say public servant, as these people have no idea of how to serve the public).It would seem that the principal of Logan Middle School and the sheriff's department need some remedial classes in basic U.S. history, constitutional law and civil rights.George McKinneyHurricane
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