Aug. 10, 2013: Gun laws; 'Sattes' cemetery; Obama 'scandals'

'Stand your ground,' 'castle' law not sameEditor:People who criticize guns and gun rights often know little or nothing about guns or gun laws.In Melissa Lee's column of July 29, she cited the "stand your ground law" and the "castle doctrine," indicating they are the same law. I believe she's in error.My understanding is that, without either law, if someone breaks into your living room, you have a legal duty to retreat to your bedroom or as far as you can, before using lethal force. The "castle doctrine" changes that, saying that your house is your castle, and you have no duty to retreat within your house. If someone breaks into your living room, you can shoot them in your living room.Outside your home, however, you still have the duty to retreat if at all possible before using deadly force. The "stand your ground law" changes that, and says that, if you feel you are in imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury, you have no duty to retreat, even in a public place.David N. Ryan SpencerStop ignoring 'Sattes' cemeteryEditor:We're writing to bring attention to a long-forgotten cemetery known as "Sattes." It is located in the city limits of Charleston and Mayor Danny Jones and his staff have allowed it to fall into disarray. The Spring Hill Cemetery is under city supervision, but the "Sattes" is not even acknowledged.
Our statehood is a direct result of Civil War soldiers who are buried there. Both sides are represented in this forsaken hallowed ground. In this 150th anniversary year, I hope someone will give respect to the long-forgotten gravesite of these brave men.Don and Margaret StoverDunbar 
Bush is to blame for Obama's 'scandals' Editor:Regarding Phil Southern's complaints about President Obama:The so-called Mexican gun deal was a plan started by President Bush's attorney general called Fast and Furious.As for the IRS scandal, the Bush administration in 2003-04 targeted liberal and progressive groups about their tax returns, yet not a word was said in Congress. Wonder why?The president, whoever is in office, has more important things to worry about than look at every piece of paper that goes through Washington.
Curtis F. LanhamCharleston
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