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Readers' Voice: Sept. 4, 2013

  •   Local drivers, knowing where they are going within a 50-mile radius, have no need to know what mile markers they pass, thus pay no attention to them, then are not sure where the mile markers are when advised by weather forecasters to heed them.
  •   If we were ever attacked by another country, we would defend ourselves, and immediately attack the aggressor and justly declare war on them. Now, if we involve ourselves in Syria's civil war, then we are opening ourselves up to whatever we get in return. I am not willing to risk even one valuable American life to help anyone in Syria.
  •   Bombing another nation is an act of war. If you don't want our nation to start yet another illegal war of aggression, you have about a week to contact your senators and congressperson and tell them so.
  •   Holgerson says the team is trying to find their identity? They are the WVU football team, and we expect them to win. There is your identity.
  •   The people setting up "road blocks" to raise money for the festival queens and other fundraisers: You are a traffic hazard. Is the little money you make worth causing an accident?
  •   I found John McCoy's Sunday column "It's open season for opening fire" amusing as he attempted to wax poetic regarding the numerous hunting seasons in West Virginia. He could have saved some time and effort by just using the redneck vernacular "Boys, let's get out there and kill something!"
  •   If each of the 535 members of Congress is allowed to pontificate for 30 minutes before a vote is taken on whether to bomb or not, it may be December before it happens. Several million-dollar missiles will then be dropped on targets that are no longer where they were.
  •   I am a white 54-year-old male. I have read nearly everything printed in the Gazette by Leonard Pitts. I have never been offended by his writing, nor have I ever found it to be racist.
  •   Assuming poison gas was used in Syria, why will no U.S. politician and no U.S. media outlet even consider that it may have been done by the U.S., or Israel, or Saudi Arabia, or Qatar in order to bring about U.S. military action?
  •   Bray Cary is not a reporter or good interviewer. He is a rich station owner who books his guests, like Capito or Morrissey, to simply provide them with free campaign publicity. Who controls the airtime can control the voters.
  •   It's funny watching Obama outmaneuver the Republicans. Now, they can have their say on whether to attack Syria or not, and they'll be wrong, no matter what they decide.
  •   Why isn't it reasonable that religions agree that there are many paths to Heaven, instead of each saying that their path is the only one? Wouldn't a compassionate God want all of his children to be with him, no matter what path they took? Or am I trying to apply reason to groups that don't want to consider that God may love others not like them?
  •   The AP headline on Yahoo News reads, "With eye on Iran, Israelis seek U.S. action in Syria." Yes, they're willing to defend Israel to the last drop of American blood.
  •   The president is now in a league of his own as the most impotent, indecisive and ineffective leader of modern times.
  •   Given Britain's recent parliamentary vote not to join the U.S. in an attack on Syria, do we now start eating "freedom muffins?"
  •   Comical. Marshall halftime video. Had to go back to Moss era for most of the highlight shots and, even then, still not enough to fill the entire video. Half the video is just a shot of a big M.
  •   Why not take the Charleston Distance Run outside the downtown area? Saturday morning is errand time for those that work all week, and it was impossible to get anywhere I needed to go at the time I needed to.
  •   Yes, voter IDs would suppress votes. Illegal votes. If you have a problem with stopping illegal votes, you're part of the problem.
  •   "It's harder to end a war than to begin one." -- Barack Obama [December 2011]
  •   Raise the minimum wage for unskilled work, and the workers who worked hard to out of that category will want a higher wage. Then, the next level of wage earners will need a raise. Eventually, we will be right back to where we are today. Higher cost of living and minimum wage isn't enough.
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