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Sept. 12, 2013: Scouts; laws; Charleston P.D.; news media

Jamboree band lived up to Scout mottoEditor:The Boy Scout Jamboree Band left no doubt that they had lived up to the Scouts' motto, "Be prepared."In spite of the adverse weather, the Scouts put on a memorable performance, improvising when the rains came while playing a delightful selection of music that brought the audience to its feet with a standing ovation after the final number.The quality of the performance was remarkably polished and professional, especially considering that the members of the band had only a week of practicing together before coming to Charleston for their "Live on the Levee" concert.Thank you, Boy Scouts and Venturers, for a wonderful musical experience. You definitely made our levee come alive. Welcome to West Virginia!Diana GreenCharleston Far too many laws already existEditor:Police agencies and judges solemnly declare, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse!" That is almost laughably wrong and untrue. It's not funny because countless people have been convicted of breaking laws they did not know existed. There is no uniformity among states, much less among counties and municipalities. There is a plethora of laws; tens of thousands. No one can be reasonably expected to know all of them. The assertion that it is a citizen's duty to know the laws before they do something is a cruel joke, except no one is laughing. It is utterly absurd.Lives have been destroyed because of this.Our elected officials call themselves "lawmakers," and therein lies the problem. Every time something unfortunate happens, they rush off to create new laws. There are already far too many laws and regulations.
Justin Bertrand Galen SkywatcherWellsburg Pettit's treatment not first time for Charleston P.D.
Editor:It was with sadness that I read Todd Pettit's account of Aug. 5, in which he detailed his shock and disappointment at the way he was treated by the Charleston Police Department.
In April 2006, my son had a similar experience of being attacked and robbed at the Transit Mall. His attackers were still on the scene when the police finally arrived, but he was the one interrogated and insulted for waiting on the bus with two beers on his breath. There was no report taken. There were no arrests.That was more than seven years ago.To learn that, today, the same attitude is still apparently prevalent on the force is regrettable. I encourage citizens to keep records of incidents such as these and report them, because this pattern -- if there is one -- is detrimental to our community.The Charleston Police Department has an admittedly difficult job. They need law-abiding citizens on their side.Deborah PoindexterCharleston News media helps fool us into warEditor:Our news media are doing with Syria exactly what they did with Iraq.Now, we get war cheerleading and quotes from politicians and pundits who support war. After the dead bodies pile up, we will get the media culpas.You're running book reviews about the evil (Republican) neocons while supporting the Democratic ones.I feel like it's 2002. Once again, I have to watch my nation get itself involved in a disastrous war; once again, I try to tell people we're being fooled; once again I'm ignored. Call me Cassandra.Someone set off a chemical weapon in Syria. Our news media refuse to mention or consider the concept that it might well have been the CIA, Mossad or the terrorist al-Qaida-backed "rebels" that we're supporting there. "Oh, but the rebels don't have the capacity to use chemical weapons," our chickenhawk politicians lament.And our supine, compliant, profit-driven news media dutifully fail to mention that the "rebels" have whatever we give them.David RyanSpencer
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