Readers's voice: Sept. 24, 2013

Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email is punishing the state of Colorado for its pro-gun citizens and politicians. With the recent wild fires and floods the state will soon be a wasteland.Every week in the obituary there are several World War II veterans. The Greatest Generation is slowly dwindling away. These are the true heroes.Does anyone know if Georgia State has any open dates on their schedule?I've been watching some old British TV shows of intrigue, mystery and suspense from the 1950s. They depict troubles in the Middle East. Plus c'est change, plus c'est la meme chose.Hey NRA, I see where those 13 people in Chicago were shot with one of your assault rifles.The Republicans in Congress are frightened that when all the provisions of Obamacare are in place, people will see its benefits. These include the insurance companies not being able to cancel your policy when you when you get sick; ending the "cap" on lifetime benefits; and eliminating the insurance company not letting people who had ever had cancer, diabetes or heart disease from getting new insurance.I want a Democrat to run against Capito as much as anyone, but teachers, remember how anti-teacher Natalie Tennant's husband Erik Wells was. What they found in Mingo County would be small stuff to what they would find in Logan. Come and see how you get to be a state official by not running for another office within the county.It is so much fun watching the GOP self-destruct a little more each day.Joe's name should be changed to 'JoKe' ... he is obviously the most incompetent and overpaid coach in Mountaineer history: his Maryland game plan features poor kickoff return decisions, stupid penalties on same, and a punt returner who can't seem to get out of the way of a bouncing football. DeForest should have been fired at halftime.The reason that the Republicans want to keep talking about Obamacare is that they don't want to talk about guns right now.
Mr. Luck, you have created nothing short of a debacle in Morgantown.If many of the food stamp recipients would use their money for food instead of tattoos and body piercings, it would save us working and retired taxpayers a lot of money. But we all know that is not going to happen, and we have not even begun to feel the pain Obamacare will bring.I don't know about you, but I would rather vote for a school mascot than Arch Moore's daughter any day.
Someone speaking about what happens to souls after death shouldn't call people liars, but it's okay to call them a self-absorbed, know-it-all fruitcake?I've read the complaints published about lazy bums and want the public to realize the real lazy bums are the Republican complainants. They do not pay their fair share as everyone else does. After a certain amount they quit paying and do not pay for what they have actually made like the poor, an amount equal to ours.The Judge Thornsbury/Sheriff Crum//Prosecutor Sparks/Commissioner Baisden/Chief Rockel cartel makes justice in Mingo County as ludicrous today, as it was during the Hatfield/McCoy feud and the coal Mine Wars.Mitch McConnell better be careful. He is about to lose his Stupidest Man In The Senate title to Ted Cruz.Just because you don't plan on using the bike path doesn't mean others won't. A small percentage of taxpayers use the airport and rail station but we're paying for them. Get your head out of the sand and your rear end off the porch. We need more outdoor activities in this town.Here we go again. If Natalie Tennant is elected as senator people are leaving the state. Well, well I have heard this before and they are still here.
Stop complaining about Joe DeForest. WVU has good special teams this year. His salary is not relevant. It's what every associate head coach makes in major college football. He is Holgorsen's right-hand man.What do you call some members of Congress who seem to be resorting to narrow-minded bigotry instead of doing what's good for the American people. There are some very negative terms that come to mind when you consider that they are openly and intentionally attempting to disrupt our American way of life. Are these elected officials really working for the good of us all?The reader who thinks the Bible is full of fantasies is living a fantasy and the reader who doesn't hear God is probably not listening. God speaks to your spirit through his written word.Shame on the person who stole our brand new power washer from our carport in Rock Lake Village. God knows you broke a commandment. Please bring it back. We are retired and had to save to buy it.
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