Readers' Voice: Oct. 2, 2013

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call: 304-357-4451 or email• It's good to hear the positive diplomatic news on Syria and Iran. Better to be working toward peace than making war. Interesting to note that it was our president's strong reaction to the chemical attack that got things moving. Let's give Obama and Kerry credit.• It's amazing to watch the liberals salivate to the never-ending Clinton tease.• Did Ted Cruz miss the whole point of Green Eggs and Ham? Or did he just skip the ending? Dr. Seuss must be groaning in his grave.• I find it ironic and really humorous that the name "Obamacare," which the Republicans gave the Affordable Care Act in derision, will forever be known as that, making Obama more famous over the coming years, as the name "Bush" fades. I predict Obamacare will become as well liked as Social Security.• It is probably true that more atheists and people not attending church bodes well for the Democratic Party and the radical progressive wing of the party, as suggested in the Monday Potpourri column. However, it bodes ill for America. The terrible shape our country is in can be traced directly to left-wing politicians.• Why is the Gazette obsessed with the Democratic Party? West Virginia has been under Democratic control for over 80 years and is an economic and poor-health basket case. • I listen to the scanner and I wonder why all the police officers are so nasty sounding. . . . I'm not happy about all the crime in our area either.• So is "blackmail" a legally acceptable tool now that the less-than-honorable Republicans in Congress have used it? Even though they failed miserably?• I certainly hope the Republicans in Congress are proud of themselves. They sure know how to hurt a lot of people.
• People don't generally do something for nothing. So who is paying off the Republicans in Congress to disrupt the American way of life?• It's all about profit, folks. Pretty simple, too. Just look around and see who will gain the most if Obamacare gets gutted, and you will see who is financing the federal government shutdown!• The U.S. government shuts down and Wall Street improves. Perhaps our economy will improve without the hand of government in our pockets.• Walmart is our largest employer. They pay little to no taxes. Their employees pay taxes. Some are eligible for food stamps so, therefore, they are, in fact, paying their own way. . . . The people receiving the benefits are put down. Does not make sense to slam people for trying to feed their families.• Wouldn't it be logical to require a prescription for the type of pseudoephedrine that can be made into meth and the type that cannot remain as an over-the-counter medicine that cold and allergy sufferers could buy simply to alleviate their symptoms?
• You reported on the resolution of the "fracas" in Israel, involving foreign diplomats attempting to deliver aid to homeless Palestinians, but, because The Associated Press didn't report it, you never reported on the fracas itself.• After refusing to watch, listen to or even read about the Mountaineers after the hiring of Ollie Luck, I watched part of the Oklahoma State game and I am appalled that any of the coaches or Luck is being paid a penny. This is the worst I have ever seen. Who are these imposters and why are they still in Morgantown?• We have made so much progress under our first black president. It's really refreshing to have someone who cares about the American public as opposed to filling their pockets with oil and greed. . . . If not for the corporate suits in Congress, our country would have fully recovered by now.• Congress needs to stop with the short-term continuing resolutions. It's way past time to pass a real budget or shut it all down until they do. The whole institution has become a joke.• I see where Ted Cruz is holding the country hostage again. He says that's what the country wants. But, as usual, he is wrong. The Republicans ran on repealing Obamacare and they lost, so like a little kid who doesn't get his way, he will shut the government down.• Had to take major evasive action to avoid head-on collision with a girl in a white Jeep who had her phone in front of her face, texting. Her passenger-side tires were on the centerline. Didn't even have time to hit the horn. I guess these idiots will not learn until they are dead.
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