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Readers' voice: Oct. 8, 2013

Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email Speaker of House and the Republicans are going to destroy this country and that's just wrong. Have fun boys, maybe the voters will give you your walking paper soon.I'm a senior and I like the change of the city-supplied bags pickup. I like to pick them up at my convenience.President Obama and his family are the closest thing the United States has to royalty.If a good athlete wants to transfer to George Washington I don't think there is anything you can do about it. When was the last time WVU won a game with predominantly state players? Quit living in the past.I'm glad West Virginia American Water did not get a 20 percent increase in water rates as they requested in December.There is no such thing as free health care. Somebody is paying for it. We'll pay for $10 of bureaucracy and get $3 of medical care.I would like to know why Frontier keeps charging me for three-way phones calls? I have never made one in my life. Every couple of months or so I get the charges on my phone bill. I wonder if anyone else is getting these charges that they are not making?So many people complain about poor people getting free stuff. They never complain about rich people getting free stuff. Do not trust Russia. Do not trust Iran. They are total tigers without stripes changing. They are taking advantage of a poor presidency and weak leadership in America. Don't trust them.All the Republicans I've talked to say they don't approve of John Boehner's bullying tactics. So when is the party going to put an end to his outrageous, sickening, un-American ways?The headline saying, "Warming extremely likely man-made" did not deter West Virginia's leadership from sticking their head back into the sand and ignoring facts. They still support the plan to eliminate Obama's climate plans. Coal millionaires might be lining their pockets with money, but my children have to breathe this air.I received that phone call from scammers telling me that my computer is currently at risk, even though it has been broken for 16 months.
I can't believe that people won't fight for health insurance. You have to have car insurance. If you have a wreck and you don't have insurance you are going to jail, especially if you hurt someone. Why are we not fighting for health insurance?Now we really see how much Big Coal owns our political leaders and judges. Our political leaders say there is no global warming. How stupid is that? Then our Supreme Court sides with Massey. We should all move out of state. The whole system is corrupt.
I adore the new Mountaineer uniforms, love the Mountaineers and Coach Holgorsen -- love a man in black.The politicians in Mingo County, they're all crooked, but I think every county in West Virginia should be looked into and investigated.The so-called tea party is working against the American people and the American government. They need to go back and read a history book. It's so sad.Mr. Cruz' behavior is that of a traitor. He needs to straighten up.What's up with all these movie stars, churches and governments going overseas to help people when we've got them in America to help?Oh John I am, Oh John I am, please darken my door no more!  Your shutdown of my government is something I really abhor.
Right is right and wrong is wrong. It doesn't matter who you are or how much clout or money you have. Just because 98 percent of the public approves of something wrong, it's still wrong. Get it?If renters think the real estate tax won't affect them, they're wrong. Their landlord will increase their rent because of that real estate tax increase.Justice Robin Davis is right. She's correct and the other justices on the West Virginia Supreme Court should be removed from office.Congratulations to Coach Holgorsen and his Mountaineers for a fine victory over No. 11 Oklahoma State. We've got to remember they are a very young team and will have their ups and downs. They're always our Mountaineers.Who is buying manufactured U.S. goods? What foreign country is purchasing U.S. goods? Listen, nobody is purchasing them because nobody is making them. I can't find them.I think Oliver Luck needs to send Holgorsen to anger management counseling after he broke his headset Saturday.
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