Readers' Voice: Oct. 25, 2013

• Compliments to Senator Bill Laird, in his observation of prison overcrowding. He doesn't believe in sending inmates to other states. With all the land available in West Virginia, at Huttonsville and Mt. Olive, additional buildings could be constructed, and inmates kept at home.• Here in West Virginia, you better be careful when crossing the street. A driver is allowed to run you down in the road, especially if he has the green light.• Joe Manchin wants to delay the health-care signups. Why not go two steps further? The Republicans kept saying the people don't want it. To me, what we don't want is to be told we have to take it and will be fined if we don't sign up.• The new Dunbar court fee for traffic violations will turn the Dunbar police into a self-greasing axle.• Regarding the recent photo-op press conference where Obama talked up Obamacare: None of the dozen plus "props" standing behind him supporting the law will be affected by it. If it's so good, then everybody should be required to enroll.• Apparently, the people claiming the GOP is wrong for saying Social Security is in trouble don't take time to read the paper. Even the Gazette had an article claiming changes need to be made.• Can someone direct me to a source of self-adjustable eyeglasses, such as those seen on TV? • To the car dealer in the Gazette with the reward for the stolen wheels and tires: Get over it. They're gone. You collected the insurance to cover it. It's over and you lost. Deal with it.• The right to bear arms: This week, California deputies fatally shot a 13-year-old boy carrying a toy gun.• While, yes, the Republicans may have started the shutdown mess, it is clearly the Democrats who decided to take it to the next level and try and make the hard-working, taxpaying American hurt as much as possible. Why else would Obama close memorials and monuments that don't need people there round the clock?
• So, all those federal workers got 15 days off because of the "shutdown," but now we are going to pay them for those days, plus, now the unemployment agencies will have to "undo" all the claims for unemployment and collect what they have paid to these individuals.• Members of the House and Senate will brag about getting together to solve the debt limit problem . . . and pat one another on the back, knowing that, a few weeks down the road, we will go through it again. I, for one, will not forget their petty attitudes and lack of compromise.• I agree with the reader 100 percent. If a woman on welfare gets pregnant, then why should the taxpayers be on the hook to pay for her medical care and pay to raise her child? What we should do is take the baby at birth, then reduce her current benefits. It is sickening to see these people waltz through life on the backs of those who work.• The only dynamic Dana Holgorsen needs to worry about is that he's a very poor football coach.• Senator Joe Manchin is doing a good job in Washington. He represents our state well, speaks well, and is open to what is right, no matter what his national party says. That is his job. He is there to represent the people of West Virginia, not the national Democratic Party.
• The tea party is fighting to save the Constitution. If you think that's wrong, you might be the crazy radical.• It's apparent, the Charleston Police Department has no intention of enforcing the new law that bans talking and texting on your cellphone while driving.• Why would anybody think Republicans would stop fighting the Affordable Care Act? They are still trying to destroy the Social Security Act that was passed 75 years ago!• Would you buy a used car from Ted Cruz?• When, and if, Obamacare works as it is now presented to us, unread by our leaders and force-fed to the public, people will be ice-skating in Hades. What a mess from this inexperienced man and his corrupt cohorts. If my thoughts are wrong, it would be great . . .• I applaud any member of Congress -- of either party -- that places the will of their constituents and what is good for their state over the national party's agenda. That is what they are supposed to do, and I applaud them.
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