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Nov. 15, 2013: Levy; U.S. Constitution

Levy poll worker ignorant of rulesEditor:I was a poll worker in the Nov. 9 special election on the school-library levy. During early voting, I helped an elderly woman with a knee injury at the county registrar's office. I had no sooner helped her to the voting booth when an election worker approached her and said in a clear, distinct voice: "A lot of them are voting no."I was appalled, and told my story to an employee of the clerk's office.Later, on Election Day, at my duty station at Grandview School, I heard another election official tell someone, "A lot of them are voting no." I asked him how he could possibly know about secret ballots, and he told me that he had a friend who worked at the clerk's office and they had informed him.Again, I was shocked and saddened that a poll worker could be so ignorant of the rules.Ken Wood Charleston Politicians are traitors to the ConstitutionEditor:
It is becoming obvious to the informed among us that the political elitists in government, state and federal, do not want the U.S. Constitution to be the rule of law that governs our country.But having taken an oath to protect, defend and preserve that same said Constitution and now defiling that oath makes them traitors to it.That being said, it is past time to recall all those who have defiled our Constitution and throw them forth without of their elected office and replace them with those who will discharge the duties of the office they are elected to. To that end, I believe that all the current politicians in office should lose their primary elections and none should be allowed to run unopposed.Philip Boyd
South Charleston Kanawha GOP chief needs an educationEditor:Kanawha GOP Chairman Fred Joseph says that public libraries should be privatized, run by companies who collect fees for books.I'm pleased to inform Mr. Joseph that such wonderful institutions already exist -- they are called "bookstores." I suggest Mr. Joseph rush out to a local bookstore, wallet open and ready to remedy the obvious and pitiful gaps in his knowledge. Along the way, he might learn that the Founding Fathers knew public libraries to be absolutely essential for the flourishing of democracy, discourse and education in the United States.
Denise GiardinaCharleston
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