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Dec. 5, 2013: Sardinia flood; out-of-state companies; Jay's seat

Sardinia flood elicits 'Apocalyptic' memoryEditor:I have just read "'Apocalyptic' storm floods Sardinia." It brought memories of such a storm while I was stationed on Corsica in October 1944.I had crossed the Atlantic and sailed the Mediterranean to Naples, Italy. After marching the road north to Caserta, I was tented there for further orders. Shortly, I was flown to Corsica and tented there on a slope at the base of a steep mountain, many of which were part of Corsica.The weather was Mediterranean or Southern California: sun and blue skies day after day. But there was an interruption in the glorious days of gold and blue.The report on the storm that inundated Sardinia stated that it rained 17.3 inches in 24 hours, devastating the island. It is difficult to comprehend such a storm in the Mediterranean. It is placid and blue, with white crests from a mild breeze month after month. I have swum in it many times and lounged on it beaches.But, one day in late October, suddenly the sky darkened, the winds whipped and the rain came in torrents. Not for minutes but for hours. I began to see water come into my tent like a creek. I put all my belongings on my bunk and got on the bunk and watched and listened. The creek of water through my tent heightened and the torrents of water presaged apocalypse, even though then I didn't know the meaning of the word.The aftermath was terrible. The road to my tent was obstructed by the fuselage of a B-24 Liberator bomber, carried by water I knew not from where. And the eroded earth that filled the road was dotted with garden vegetables. I remember the orange of carrots.But I had nothing to lose except my barracks bag, and it was dry on the bunk. I had read about cloudbursts, but this was certainly just that: a cloud burst. A month or so later, I was flown to Algiers, Algeria. The plane flew over Sardinia. It was a beautiful, more or less, level land with a manicured look. I feel for the Sardinians.Perry MannHinton Out-of-state company ready to steal from us
The Page 1 article "Sale threatens Paint Creek," by Rusty Marks (Nov. 18), should serve as an early warning that another out-of-state company represented by Craig Kaderavek and no doubt guided by preconceived notions regarding West Virginians has arrived, and that they are flexing their muscles to see what they can get away with. For all practical purposes, about 100,000 acres of our state has fallen into a black hole controlled by an out-of-state company. Will any of these acres be available for sale to the private sector for housing or economic development? Will permits be issued to our citizens for recreational purposes and at what cost? Unless our citizens act, only the elite few will benefit and the rest of us will be treated with contempt.       The Legislature will be in session soon. It is past time for a committee in the Senate and the House of Delegates to be working on legislation suggested by this situation. The people should use those no-trespassing signs mentioned in the article to their advantage. They should point them out to their neighbors and ask them to call their legislative representative.  Marvin VernatterWilliamson 
GOP, tea party ready to buy Jay's seatEditor:Fundraising lead? The Oct. 25 story that Rep. Shelley Capito's fundraising has far surpassed that of candidate Natalie Tennant could very well be a very slanted view of what the whole truth is.Capito said "the fact that thousands of West Virginians have donated both their money and time to this campaign is truly humbling." Did this money really come from West Virginians or did it really come from outside interests, just like it did for Patrick Morrisey?We, the people of West Virginia, need to know just where all this money is coming from, now, not six months after the election. Don't let the money make you think she is the best candidate. The Republican Party and the tea party are dead set to spend any amount of money to get Rockefeller's seat in the Senate. If money has ever bought an election, this will be the one.James HackettRed House
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