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Dec. 13, 2013: Outdated letter; DNR; WVU football; levy vote

Computer problem led to outdated letterEditor:Thank you for publishing my letter (Dec. 12, 2013). However, it was written five years ago. It is mostly still correct, except for the last paragraph. I was notified recently that my computer had a "security" problem. I have been receiving emails from long-ago correspondence.We still have the exercise program mentioned in the letter, but are no longer affiliated with WVU. That program was through a CDC study on the effect of exercise on arthritis and is over. Arthritis Foundation classes are still given on Monday and Thursday at noon.My apology to the newspaper, WVU and readers for any misunderstanding. For more information, call 304-345-5040.Lonna McClure Barker, Better Health and Wellness MinistryUnitarian Universalist CongregationCharleston '13 WVU football team simply lacked talentEditor:I am not a WVU alumnus or a college football follower. Yet, I sympathize with the Mountaineer fans in their frustration and chagrin over the disappointing 2013 season.The one thing that none of us should do is try to find someone to blame. Head Coach Dana Holgorsen and his staff did not lose any of their skills that have yielded past victories; this year's experiences have actually brought them new insights.Plainly, the 2013 team collectively did not have the talent to compete consistently at the Big 12 level. Even who the starting quarterback would be for the next game was unknown. Last year, it was Geno Smith, now taking snaps for the New York Jets, with NFL-caliber receivers in Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey. Let us all just accept the facts, as often counseled by the late Jimmy Durante: "Folks, them's the conditions that prevail."
Thomas C. DamewoodCharleston DNR Wildlife Diversity gets an 'attaboy'Editor:If no one has given an "attaboy" to the state Division of Natural Resources Wildlife Diversity program, then this is long overdue. All the publications and website are well done and help create a positive image of the state. Among the many natural-science educational materials are:
• Books on West Virginia flora and fauna for sale.• Free full-color booklets on various types of flora and fauna (also other similar guides put out by the Department of Agriculture, also now in color and gorgeous).• Various nicely done brochures and checklists.• One-page mini-guides on West Virginia wildflowers, mushrooms, etc., available for downloading and laminating from the website. Done w/color photos with a text page on the back explaining about each species.• The Wild Yards program, with the excellent booklet that shows how even owners of very small lots can create wildlife habitat.• The Master Naturalist program.• And, of course, the stunning West Virginia wildlife calendar with all the paintings and daily events -- we always look forward to the new edition.• The WV Wildlife Magazine, another well-done publication to make the state proud.I need to recognize at least two individuals for their efforts on the above: Jim Fregonara and Art Shomo, both in the DNR Outreach program.(Not to slight the game program and all their publications and educational efforts, especially the excellent annual Hunting and Fishing Day over at Stonewall Resort.)I would encourage as wide a distribution as possible. The cost of the free materials is worth it many times over for the good PR it gives the state. They will undoubtedly help lead to numerous return visits to our state's public lands and parks. West Virginia has produced some of the most prominent and renowned naturalists in the Appalachians, such giants as Earl Core, A.B. Brooks, and Maurice Brooks, and I think they would be proud.Andy StumpElkins 83 percent not voting is shamefulEditor:Kathleen Jacobs did an excellent job of pointing out why it's a shame the levy supporting the libraries was turned down.There is another "shame" in that vote that deserves the light of day.She points out that "voters chose to overwhelmingly defeat the levy." Technically, that is correct, until the numbers are put in context. With a voter turnout of just 17 percent, the 75 percent who voted against represent only about 13 percent of the eligible voters in Kanawha County. That means 13 percent of the citizens made the decision for the other 83 percent.That 83 percent did not exercise their right to vote is a shame equal to that of the levy being defeated.Jack CipolettiCharleston
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