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Jan. 3, 2014: Calendar hoax; Morrisey; thanks; capitalism; Israel

Gazette fell for Internet hoax


Sorry to see the Gazette fell for an Internet hoax.

The Dec. 23 Potpourri item titled "Weekend rarity" claimed that August 2014 would have five Fridays, five Saturdays and five Sundays AND that this would happen only every 823 years.

Now, thinking logically, this happens EVERY time August (or any 31 day month) starts on a Friday. That is roughly about every seventh year.

You need a skeptic on your editorial staff.

John R. Taylor



Morrisey wrong on gay marriage


Patrick Morrissey's assertion that the couple challenging the state's law banning same-sex marriage lacks standing to do so is a losing argument.

Whether the statute causes concrete or immediate injury to plaintiffs is not for him to decide. What constitutes concrete or immediate injury could be very different from case to case, and determining what that is is not the job of the attorney general. Furthermore, whether a couple has been or is considering getting married in another state is completely irrelevant. Any citizen of this state will have standing to challenge this or any law, regardless of reason, sexual orientation, etc. In fact, those who are not citizens also can challenge the laws of this state.

For example, the ACLU could have filed suit on its own and had legal standing to do so. Once again, the attorney general is wasting taxpayer dollars by inserting himself into something that isn't his job or his business. For the sake of all citizens, lets hope Mr. Morrissey learns what his job is, sooner rather than later.

Walt Lindsay



Thanks, to reporters and photographers


I would like to thank all reporters and camera staff for coming out to the low-wage rally. I greatly appreciate the fair and honest reporting you're doing on behalf of our community.

Brooke Drake

West Virginia Citizen Action Group



Pope's statement on capitalism correct


Right wing pundits aside, Pope Francis' profound statement on the world situation recently seems a breath of fresh air and a shining light in the dense polluted fog of our 1-percent planet.

Why indeed do so many of our leaders deify the capitalist system that produces a few obscenely rich while billions suffer in poverty?

Why shouldn't, as the pope says, governments insure jobs, education and health care for everyone?

Why must we continue this insane level of consumption that is ruining the entire planet?

The pope's interpretations of Jesus are on target.

If Jesus was alive today in the Middle East, kicking the money changers out of the temple, our neo-cons would probably be wanting a drone attack on the "militant."

Larry Cottrell



Zionist-state Israel gets a pass


Deal or no deal (Iran), I have never understood the news media's double standard and silence regarding the Zionist state (Israel) and its possession of nuclear weapons. From the "unfair and unbalanced" Fox, to conservatives and neo-cons to liberal news media to TV, radio and daily/weekly publications, almost no one talks about it.

Neither do they note that Israel is not a signatory to the Treaty on the Non-proliferation of Nuclear weapons.

Even the Gazette, West Virginia's bastion of news enlightenment, appears to coalesce with such biased journalism. Noam Chomsky and others have pointed out the disconnect in heaping sanctions on Iran while doing little to protest Israel's occupation, annexation and illegal settlements of Palestinian territories.

I am neither from Iran nor from Palestine. I just cannot suppress a sigh - and contempt - for such an apparent double standard. 

Mutih Skeini

Gallipolis, Ohio


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