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Letters: Water crisis; thanks; how the world sees us

Will we do anything after the crisis?CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- In the aftermath of the spoiled water crisis the finger pointing has begun. To be sure, there is plenty blame to go around. We have a company exhibiting negligence and disregard for the safety and health of our people. Shameful. We have an administration exhibiting negligence, incompetence and disregard for the safety and health of our people. Even more shameful, we have a passive citizenry unwilling to be involved in governance, blindly accepting the same politicians promoting the same lies and failed policies. Shame, shame, shame!It's ironic that this crisis has taken place in the southern part of the state, where lots of people have bought into the anti-EPA propaganda. Now that people's lives have been turned upside down, will folks still bemoan the evils of the EPA and regulatory oversight? Will people now realize they have been wrong? Will this crisis put an end to electing persons who are unqualified to operate a broom while expecting them to look out for our interest and keep us safe?Every citizen of this state, whether a voter or not, shares the blame for this mess. Electing and re-electing self-serving, corporate bought politicians, or not bothering to vote at all, has delivered to us a government that decries any attempt to regulate polluters, blames our federal protectors for killing an industry that itself is a killer and has adopted a culture of looking the other way on matters of clean air and water. By continuing to elect leaders with the attitude of jobs being more important than health and well being of the people, we are all to blame for our own demise.Perhaps now, we the people of West Virginia, will shed our wool and begin to elect leaders who have real world experience and are willing to apply common sense and fairness when drafting policies that affect the health and well being of our state. Maybe now we will stop electing people based on popularity, propaganda and lies. Maybe now we will realize our own responsibility as citizens and also accept our own failure to be vigilant and not holding government accountable. Yes, there is plenty of blame to go around. Will we do something about it now?Walt Lindsay MadisonGrandson safe and sound, thank you Editor:I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of the law enforcement personnel who were involved in the search for my grandson who was abducted when my daughter-in-law's car was stolen on Jan. 6, 2014. This was the worst experience in all of our lives, but thanks to the clear thinking of Cpl. Tim Jarrett Jr., there was a rapid resolution to the terrible situation.Thanks to Cpl. Jarrett and his wife for taking Evan into their vehicle and keeping him safe and warm until his parents could come for him. Thankfully, Evan appears to be unhurt and blissfully unaware of his close call. We will never forget that terrible day and those who worked so hard to find him and the large number of acquaintances whose prayers were heard and answered by a merciful God. Sincerely,Sandra L. Graham
LewisburgHow the rest of the world sees us Editor:A few days ago, I was pleased/amazed/surprised to see a reporter from (Russia Today television) standing in Charleston. Today, I'm feeling the same way after finding an article about us on, which is run out of Tehran (  It turns out it's a reprint of an article from The Guardian (
As you might or might not know, I'm sometimes critical of mainstream media, and in this article Ana Marie Cox shows why.  It is worth noting that what she is saying about the West Virginia water/Bridgegate situation could be said about so many other things that get ignored/covered by the mainstream media.I just thought you might enjoy seeing how the rest of the world sees us. (Something else about which our mainstream media fails to inform us.)David N. RyanSpencer  
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