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Readers' Voice: Oct. 6, 2012

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Express your opinion on any subject you wish.Not all comments are published.Call 304-357-4451 or email
  • I just returned from a trip to four New England states, including Massachusetts. We did not see one Mitt Romney political sign. What does this tell the public about a man that was governor, and his own state is not supporting him?
  • You know, it's so sad to see The Charleston Gazette, who is supposed to be a newspaper -- not one that picks the people that are running for office -- so in the tank for Obama. How about just reporting the news and not favor one candidate over another?
  • Rusty Casto, you will go down as the best mayor Nitro has ever had, and we miss you.
  • I'd like to give a compliment to the City of Charleston. They came and brought the chipper truck to get some limbs from some trees that I clipped and there was quite a few of them and they worked so hard. It was awesome. You guys rock.
  • I'll vote for Gov. Tomblin. A person would be crazy not to. He kept things from happening. Raising the license plates. He took taxes off of food. You'd be crazy not to vote for Earl Ray Tomblin.
  • Why is our President considered black? He's only half black. His mother was white. Does that mean that every person of mixed marriage, white and black is considered black? A question I need to know.
  • I absolutely refuse to watch WCHS news until they take off that stupid banner going across the TV screen.
  • All you hillbillies out there pay attention today. After this great presidential debate you'll have all these talk show hosts explaining exactly what was said and what was meant, so you pay attention now. Have a nice day.
  • Could someone please explain to me why gas is $3.63 a gallon in Dunbar, St. Albans and other places in the west end of the Kanawha Valley, but in the East End the gas is all about $3.89 a gallon, especially on Campbells Creek, where it has been that way for months.
  • The debate clearly favored Romney as he can spin on a dime and assert multiple contradictory positions simultaneously, without fear of video clips showing his prevarications!
  • President Obama needs to drop (nice guy) John Kerry, and get James Carville to help prep him for the next debate!
  • The debate showed Mitt can really bully old moderators. What a man!
  • The unemployment rate issued by the government is one of the most doctored and unreliable statistics ever published by a bureaucracy. They should be ashamed.
  • If you believe there are more West Virginians who are voting for Obama because he is black than there are West Virginians who are voting against him because he is black then I have some purple Kool-Aid I want you to drink.
  • The theory that quilts had hidden codes and messages in the Underground Railroad cannot be documented in a scholarly way. Your reporter should have done some research before disseminating misunderstandings about the role quilts played in the escape of fugitive slaves. Many of the blocks were not named until the 1900s, so how could they have been used as a mnemonic device?
  • Could someone other than me and the people that I work with tell me or us why they don't think the city water tastes like sewer?
  • Thank you to the good Samaritan who found my keys on the path to the lake at Wine Cellar Park and turned them in. God bless you.
  • It is Oct. 4 at 5:45 p.m. I wish somebody would take Danny Jones up in a helicopter to show him what a mess he's made out of Charleston. Nobody can get home.
  • Well, we're still wondering where our illustrious president of the UMWA is at. You know, this time in '08 he was all over the news hugging and kissing Obama on TV, in the newspaper. What has happened to him, anyway? Oh, by the way, Romney did mention coal last night on the debate, thank God.
  • People of Charleston, please. The next time it is time to vote for a mayor, please vote for one who knows how to run a town. The traffic is such a mess, and Danny gets what he wants by closing down the Boulevard, and he doesn't know what he's doing for people trying to get home.
  • Rick Lord is probably the best anchor in the valley.
  • It's a generous and liberal tribute to the First Amendment of the Constitution that the Charleston Gazette allows so many right-wing rants on its pages.
  • Many thanks to all the Gazette editors for exposing Mitt's lies, hypocrisy and evil past. This is a real public service.
  • Quotes in today's excellent editorial worth remembering: "Gov. Romney . . . is for turning Medicare into a voucher program; won't accept another dollar of new taxes on the wealthy." "Everything Obama said was basically true, while much of what Romney said was . . . a lie."
  • Why do fans of "fair and balanced" Fox News want to purge the few liberal commentators they have? Can't stand the heat?
  • Here we go again a wreck on the interstate and the Boulevard is shut down for a car show. It took me an extra 30 minutes to get home because of the traffic. That is just wrong in a town of this size. Jones should find a new place for HIS car show.
  • What is it with all these young men walking around town holding up their pants with one hand? Don't they have any clue how utterly silly that looks?
  • I would like to add to the debate that anytime you vote for an unqualified candidate just because of their race, then you are the biggest racist of all.
  • Oh the horrors of the coming 'fiscal cliff' and automatic spending cuts! It simply means we will be paying for approximately 80 percent of our government expenses instead of the current 60 percent. Only $600 billion more needed to close the deficit.
  • Why does it seem to surprise everyone that teacher's unions are involved in activities that are of benefit to their members? Can anyone name a union that does not do this? Yes, 20,000 voters do carry clout, but then, shouldn't it?
  • What a wonderful world of electronics we live in. Come 9 p.m., instead of watching Jim Lehrer and the two on stage, I can flip over with my remote control and watch the Three Stooges, thank God.
  • Despite Mr. Romney's painted on, condescending smile and fast talk, the president had the facts at his fingertips all through the debate and presented them clearly all evening. God bless and keep President Obama.
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