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Readers' Voice: Jan. 11, 2014

Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email the reader who thought that Froma Harrop's column saying President Obama is the best economic president ever either didn't read the entire column or doesn't comprehend math. The fact is, President Obama and actions taken by him during his first months in office saved us from an economic disaster, which was the direct product of the Bush presidency.If people would keep their pets tethered or fenced in, they wouldn't end up in pounds, killed or stolen. Can't walk out of my yard without stepping in someone else's pet mess. West Virginia needs to add some animals to the varmint list.The reader that laughed about the economy under Obama has got to be a Fox News watcher, because Fox has a agenda and they get their talking points from the Republican Party. They do not want Obama to succeed, and even though the economy is going great, Fox will never mention it.To the person who complained that someone had picked up their dog and took it to the shelter: You should be ashamed. Having the dog hit and it requiring surgery would have cost much more than $25. Obviously you do not love it because you let it wander and roam.The photo of the dog forced to breathe cigarette smoke will haunt me for the rest of my life.Gov. Tomblin, you obviously do not have a Public Service Commission. I first phoned in a complaint Aug. 13 against Frontier. I followed up Oct. 14. Dec. 26 I phoned again and no return call. Jan. 1, I phoned yet again. No response. You have an Industrial Service Commission.The West Virginia Agriculture Department makes questionable loans totaling $4 million and the Senate president calls for an FBI investigation. The West Virginia Economic Development Authority makes venture capital loans totaling $24 million and loses $20 million of it in less than 10 years with hardly an eyebrow raised. Is it because the fox is still in the henhouse?There's not enough through traffic in St. Albans to support another large chain restaurant. The Sonic failed because of that.Isn't it great to live in a country where they can just print money and give it to you because you don't have a job? Because all of our jobs were sent overseas to China, places like that, and we buy their products.
In reference to the comparison between drive texting and usage of medical marijuana, thousands upon thousands of people have been killed by driver texting. How many people have used medical marijuana and killed someone? You have no clue how much this has and will help people. Do your research.As a West Virginia football fan, the irony has not escaped me that four of the top 10 college coaches have West Virginia backgrounds.This is to the people condemning the young girl who went deer hunting and killed a deer. Why don't you people all get together, go live in a village somewhere and skip to work. This is West Virginia, not the Left Coast.The state government was warned about allowing anyone to have pollution capabilities along the Elk River, which is the lifeline of tens of thousands of people. This is just the beginning, with all the fracking being allowed. The facilities at fault did not have capabilities to prevent this.Morality is "changing," not necessarily "evolving." Not all change is positive, and mankind does not always progress because of change. One would think that the Dark Ages and fascism would have made that clear.
When defending the polluting ways of the coal industry, don't forget to include the cost of cleaning up Charleston's water supply.The ladies with the shopping cart overflowing with bottled water was typical of most people in a crisis. Take everything for themselves while leaving the shelves empty and nothing for others.If any one of us common citizens polluted Charleston's water, we'd be in jail.To the Republican trying to rewrite the history of our government shutdown: Why should President Obama negotiate with your GOP radical wackos on a law that was passed by Congress and upheld by the Supreme Court? Fact: The shutdown that cost us $24 billion was caused by the Republicans in congress.Freedom Industries is a good name for a company that demonstrates freedom to ignore public responsibility and freedom to pollute.
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