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Vent Line: Jan. 11, 2014

Isn't the paper's business to be selling papers? Your carrier will be running out of paper customers. The carrier we have is the pits.Recovery in Charleston needs to have the same punishment that the club in Cross Lanes got. It is just not fair.At 5:30 a.m. Monday, I saw the salt trucks sitting on the side of the road instead of salting the road. I know salt cannot melt black ice, but it can give you traction on the edges.Rush Limbaugh says he loves everything about his show. He loves to irritate the Democrats and liberals. He should never irritate anyone because God doesn't like that, and He will remember this.The extension of unemployment and welfare benefits is grating on people's nerves. If they sit back and do nothing but draw the check, the line needs to be drawn. They have to go out and find a job.Mitt Romney talked with Chris Wallace about the state of America and Obamacare. He predicted everything that has happened so far, and if Romney and Ryan had won, America wouldn't be in the shape she is in now.You won't hear it on Fox, but the Obama administration has had their eye on the expiration date of unemployment benefits. The Republicans in Congress, and that includes Shelley Capito, wouldn't listen to them because they didn't want to cut the handout to the wealthy.The only thing worse than people putting "selfies" on Facebook is the people who comment on how beautiful they are. Disgusting. I think it is wonderful that Marshall beat Maryland because it is good for the state even though Maryland didn't have all of their best players because of injuries. However, I think it is sad they couldn't sell all of their tickets. Maybe in the future, Marshall fans will support their team and go to their games, now they have won a bowl game.For the guy who got beat up at Charleston Town Center with the concussion and all of that, why was he taken to Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown? Saint Francis Hospital was right around the corner, and Charleston General was just a few blocks away.The city of South Charleston is more worried about panhandlers than they are with drug dealers.Shawnee Park in Institute has always lost money from Day One. That is why Kanawha County wants to give it to Dunbar. Kanawha County must have smarter leaders than the city of Dunbar has.
Charley West, what is the story on the Mega Millions jackpot? (Editor's note: The $1 million winning ticket sold in Belle has yet to be claimed.)I just got a great Christmas present this year -- Charles Krauthammer's new book. This man would make a great president. He is smart and dignified. He doesn't interrupt people. He dresses like a president. Yes, we are all a loser because he isn't our president.A man was traveling from Florida to Maine on Interstate 81. He was ran off the road in Maryland and shot in the head by a man in a black Ford Ranger. State police in Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania are looking for the killer. If anyone can help, please do.
I think everyone can get a good laugh when a global warming research team goes to the Arctic and gets stuck in the ice. I think it is hilarious.Watch out for the trouble your ego can get you into.It is interesting after months of promoting Obamacare, the Affordable Health Care Act, it was really interesting that it was quietly announced on Sunday there was a net loss of 3 million health insurance plans to Americans already. Repeal this monstrosity.I think if the Putnam County Parks at Hurricane's wave park would quit their false advertising of a plastic sheet for skaters and calling it an ice arena that they might make more money from it.West Virginia needs to take a hint from the Kentucky legislature about building treatment centers for addicts instead of putting them all in jail.Megan Kelly on Fox News was talking to Judge Alex Ferrer on her show about a man who was sentenced 25 years to life for murdering his wife. She must think she is a genius and knows more than Alex, who has been a cop, then a lawyer and is one of the best-known judges in the country.
Is it true Colorado is going to be called the "pothead state"? It sounds about right.I suggest strongly you keep your killer dogs in Cross Lanes from roaming private property and killing wildlife on private properties.This is ridiculous. You pay your subscription for a year at a time and then you still have to go to a store to get your newspaper. I think things need to be straightened up out there and get some new management.I've heard that Cabin Creek Health is opening up at 4300 MacCorkle Ave., where CAMC used to have a "doc in a box." If that is true, when it will open? Will they offer dental care?
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