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Readers' voice: Jan. 13, 2013

Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email is for the person writing in about Duck Dynasty saying Jesus having nothing to say about gay people. That is not true, because the Bible says it is an abomination.The state's early retirees have received two small raises in over 25 years. There is plenty of money in the Public Employees Retirement System, so why does the Legislature allow this dilemma? I suggest early retirees remember this at election time.There was a time doctors did their best to heal the sick. But not so anymore. Many of them only want money and so they can't be trusted.Many of the unemployed are not looking for a job because they cannot find one in their former line of work. Rather than take two jobs, they wait and get more on unemployment. Does this make any sense for the taxpayers?I support the NRA because it does not discriminate against people who don't believe in guns.Coal made West Virginia and coal ruined West Virginia.To clear up some of the misunderstanding about global warming, global warming doesn't mean that it never gets cold. It means that there are wide swings in the weather patterns. So, actually, severe cold is a product of global warming.I think it's so funny how West Virginia fans are grasping at straws to defend the pitiful season for their team.Marshall fans had to put up with WVU's gloating fans in the Readers' Voice for ten years. Now, we win one game and get complaints.
There should be a reward for garbage men. I've lived all my life in Kanawha City on the riverside of the highway and never have we had such extraordinary service. I hope they were invited to the mayor's party.My personal property tax on my residence went up over 10 percent two years ago. Last year, it went up 4 percent. So why are they acting like this 10 percent raise is a new thing. Mine has been going up for the last two years, and will no doubt go up again this year.I read the Reader's Voice every day searching for signs of intelligence. Alas, I never see any.I live in a trailer in Valley Brook Mobile Home City in Nitro. We had one main street with 90 different numbered trailers. Now 911 has chosen to designate us with three main streets and all different numbers. When are you going to install street signs so 911 can find us when there is an emergency?With the drones flying around, legalization of gay marriage, light bulbs leaving, health insurance going up, as a concerned American, I have one question. When can we expect the Mark of the Beast to come? Please let us know.
West Virginia is talking about its maintenance of roads, bridges, turnpikes, etc. Why not talk about its true precious resource -- the people who work for the state of West Virginia?The voice that all businesses is some certainty on what the rules are is disingenuous. Businesses spend billions each year lobbying lawmakers to rewrite the rules in their favor.I can't believe that there are some people out there who have been drawing unemployment for five years. Does anyone really believe these people want to work?I want to thank the person who brought the paper from the top of my driveway on Chester Road to my front door. You are special and I really appreciate your kindness.Our country has a right to protect its citizens. Edward Snowden is a traitor to his country, pure and simple.Children are being put in harm's way. Having easy access to firearms is only one way. Another is dressing a young child in suggestive clothing and posing her in a manner that is improper and provocative. It is hard to cover all the bases, but children deserve our protection. Rules, limits and saying 'No' are needed at every stage of growing up.
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